Yeti Set Go!

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So on a total whim I signed up for a 10k. I looked at my calender and said why not? Gotta start the year off somehow! I knew I wouldn’t pb since I hadn’t worked on speed or done much hill training .

Yeti Set Go was held out in surrey at Tynehead Park. It’s a small local race I would love to see it grow! (I do mean small I only saw about 35 of us..)

2014-01-26 09.16.49-1

This is Michelle. You can’t see it but she’s wearing a crocheted Yeti Hat! I will be getting mine shipped to me later! Can’t wait. Way better then a T shirt !

A shot of the start line! The fog barely lifted!
A shot of the start line! The fog barely lifted!

I ran as fast as I could. It was a double loop. With a serious hill in it! But it was a nice paved road within a park. I loved looking at all the frost as I ran and the movational messages written in chalk! My favourites being “Cold? RUN FASTER!”

The fog definitely made for a cold race but I’ll take the cold over rain any day! In fact the icy pavement made for a slippery first loop!

Either way I had the majority of my Burnaby friends cheering me on as I powered the finish line which was a blast!

1st race in my GT 2000s
1st race in my GT 2000s

So even though my hat wasn’t there I still got a medal and some awesome food afterwards!

Seriously cute medal!
Seriously cute medal!

I love it. The other highlight of today was meeting a runner face to face! Gary Jones was the race director and we finally got to meet in person. On behalf of the Running Room Burnaby 10k clinic thank you for organizing such a fun event!

Did I mention he's a scout?
Did I mention he’s a scout?

After the run some us went for Breakfast. Or Second Breakfast for me since I’m a Hobbit and it’s one of the best parts about running.  We tried to go to IHOP but it has since become an Earls so we opted for White Spot instead. It was great chatting about our remaining races and goals for the year.

I’m glad I signed up even if I didn’t beat my time, I had fun carpooling out and running with friends. Sometimes that’s what it’s all about right?

I still have a couple races to sign up for but expect an update on my running schedule/races for the year!

// M C Nemeth

New Habits

So it’s been a week. And Friday is my first run! Shame on me! But it happens!  Today CJ and made a trip to the Northshore and did some trail running.

One of my big goals for 2014 is do some trail races! I like the idea as a Rover Scout of combining my love of running with my additonal love of exploring the outdoors!


I ran under a bridge!
I ran under a bridge!

We turned into a loop which had I started my watch earlier would have been 5k! But I’ll remember next time. It’s been especially foggy in the lower mainland but at least it wasn’t super cold ! I hope to encorporate more trails before the 5 Peak Series starts. The one Whistler Race is calling my name!

2014-01-17 10.21.55

Other new habits. So far Fit Bit and Diet Bet having been working well for me! I’ve lost 3 pounds! I am really trying to focus on hydrating more. I feel like there’s always a big push for that in the summer because it’s so hot and then come winter we forget!

Not sure what I'm calling this look !
Not sure what I’m calling this look !Look a smile! I love my Thing 1 cup makes drinking water at home easier!

Look a smile! I love my Thing 1 cup makes drinking water at home easier! So thank you Tamara for this awesome Christmas Pressie.

Of course other things that are new is my hair! I’ve gone blonde!

Just highlights but I love them!
Just highlights but I love them!

I love changing my hair. I’ve done alot of different shades . Even blue! But alas blue hair makes getting word hard especially with my current PR aspirations!

School is great so far! Loving my classes…not so much the late nights. But it’s new routine. I’m already counting down to reading break. I’m still debating some race registrations . The countdown to Whidbey has begun! My hotel has been booked and now Brandi has her nexus! Score!

For those who don’t have one I would highly reccomend it. If you frequent the border it’s definitely worth it.

Well time to stretch some more and have a snack! Take care internet!

// M C Nemeth


Diet Bet & Fit Bit. (Why I’m more determined then ever!)

2014 is off to an interesting start for me so far. Yesterday I went for a nice wet 3 k run Here’s photographic evidence to prove it.

Oh and thank you to @westvanrun for the awesome hat!
Oh and thank you to @westvanrun for the awesome hat!

I love my Mizuno breathe thermo top. It’s great for running in the rain. For those who don’t know when this particular material gets wet, it warms up.  Since I live in the lower mainland and we are known for our rain, the top seemed like a good investment .

So two things to share.  Last year was the first year I really stuck to a goal and achieved it. The goal being running a half marathon. (In fact I ran 3! huzzah!) Now I am determined to lose some weight before my first half this year. I admit I like my body more since I’ve started running.

So I purchased Fitbit Flex. The bracelet which tracks your movement, sleep everything really. You can wear it in the rain! In the shower even! So far it’s working well with my MFP (my fitness pal ) account which I love. I’ve also signed up for Diet Bet . There’s money on the line now!

2014-01-03 11.19.41

I guess my biggest concern is I’m only 21, i’m finishing my undergrad and I want to do everything I can to make sure I live a healthy lifestyle. So if anything these challenges aren’t about weight loss, there about lifestyle changes. It sounds hokey but I want to be the best Melissa.

I’m really trying hard this year so focus on my mental health. I deal with a lot of self esteem issues and my confidence is somewhat lacking.

Hoping I can squeeze a run in this weekend working 2 jobs can make that  a challenge sometimes!

// M C Nemeth