Diet Bet & Fit Bit. (Why I’m more determined then ever!)

2014 is off to an interesting start for me so far. Yesterday I went for a nice wet 3 k run Here’s photographic evidence to prove it.

Oh and thank you to @westvanrun for the awesome hat!
Oh and thank you to @westvanrun for the awesome hat!

I love my Mizuno breathe thermo top. It’s great for running in the rain. For those who don’t know when this particular material gets wet, it warms up.  Since I live in the lower mainland and we are known for our rain, the top seemed like a good investment .

So two things to share.  Last year was the first year I really stuck to a goal and achieved it. The goal being running a half marathon. (In fact I ran 3! huzzah!) Now I am determined to lose some weight before my first half this year. I admit I like my body more since I’ve started running.

So I purchased Fitbit Flex. The bracelet which tracks your movement, sleep everything really. You can wear it in the rain! In the shower even! So far it’s working well with my MFP (my fitness pal ) account which I love. I’ve also signed up for Diet Bet . There’s money on the line now!

2014-01-03 11.19.41

I guess my biggest concern is I’m only 21, i’m finishing my undergrad and I want to do everything I can to make sure I live a healthy lifestyle. So if anything these challenges aren’t about weight loss, there about lifestyle changes. It sounds hokey but I want to be the best Melissa.

I’m really trying hard this year so focus on my mental health. I deal with a lot of self esteem issues and my confidence is somewhat lacking.

Hoping I can squeeze a run in this weekend working 2 jobs can make that  a challenge sometimes!

// M C Nemeth

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