Little Victories

I often say to myself. Cherish the little things. Enjoy the moment. I wouldn’t go so far to say YOLO..but life sometimes to pass us by so quickly .I feel that I sometimes spend so much time focusing on the negative in my life that I never really appreciate what I’ve accomplished. I think for a 

This past month I’ve committed to a 100 day challenge. To be active for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday. Despite RoVent, a stomach bug and other commitments I’m still on track! Also PocketYoga is a wonderful app which has been helpful.

Yet I didn’t run as much as I wanted to originally and I’ve been sitting here beating myself up over it. I’ve also been having some not so enjoyable stomach issues. I’m seriously considering a cleanse because whatever I’ve been eating lately hates me! I’ve even had to miss class! 

I also completed my DietBet. For those who aren’t familiar Dietbet is a social dieting game in which you bet yourself to lose 4% of your bodyweight. I’ve now committed to a longer game called “The Transformer” in which I lose more weight and attempt to keep it off!

I think everyone now and then seems to have these days where we just admonish ourselves not realizing that fitness is a journey. Nothing changes over night. It takes commitment and not letting one day ruin your entire week. Habits take a long time to form. Ask anyone who has tried to become a morning person. 

I’m currently in the final year of my Degree. That’s pretty amazing. Although I only graduated highschool 4 years ago there was a point in which I didn’t even think post secondary was going to be an option for me, yet here I am almost done my undergrad (December 2014 seems so far away some days!)

I started running for multiple reasons. The story seems to change every time someone asks! But I would honestly say the main reason would be my surgery and not wanting to my limited. I also run for my mental health. To quote Legally Blonde “Exercise causes endorphins, endorphins make you happy”

Although I’m still new to the running scene I want this to be something that I’m still doing 15 years now. Even longer if I could! I even see myself being a running mother….of course nothing is set in stone! But I don’t want this to be another fad. I want this to be something I can do no matter how old I get. 

In other news, I got my 1st Stridebox this month! As I use products I will provide reviews! So stay tuned! If you aren’t familiar with Stridebox for 15 dollars a month you get a lovely package sent to your house with running goodies and treats! I feel this worth it because it’s a great way to learn about new products and try them out for yourself.I read testimonials on stuff all time but I have to use what’s best for me! 

An example of what the box looks like. Hooray for the Stride Guide!
An example of what the box looks like. Hooray for the Stride Guide!

I’ve even gone snowshoeing and am considering signing up for a race! Because why not? I’ve also got a St Patrick’s Day race planned. If you know where I can acquire green socks (preferably tech socks!) let me know! 

A selfie. A word I dislike but evidence that I was snowshoeing!
A selfie. A word I dislike but evidence that I was snowshoeing!


2014-02-22 13.03.36

Footprints in the snow from the cub scouts
Footprints in the snow from the cub scouts

I’m looking forward. In awesome news I managed to sign up for Melissa’s Road Race in Banff. Not many people can say that they’ve run a race with there name. Kudos to CJ for signing up with me making it her first Half Marathon! I also made a point of purchasing a Melissa’s running hat and coat, because why not. Now I have to organize lodging and the best mode of transportation!

My face when I got into the race (also runners high!)
My face when I got into the race (also runners high!)

My first half of 2014 is April, I need to get serious about my training if I want complete Whidbey and look good doing it. So March means getting down to business (no not to defeat the Huns…those are my people you know!) It means making time for the gym, more yoga and getting those long runs in!

I’ve also got Rock & Roll in Vancouver. So now I’m looking into the American races. Vegas is high on my list! 

Have you run a destination race? What were you’re thoughts? 

So here’s to the little victories! And here’s to March! 


The Next 100 Days

Through the many running/fitness blogs I follow I came across this one.

She has currently started a 100 days challenge, in which for she will be active for 30 minutes a day for the next 100 days.

I thought about this long and hard last night as to whether I could do this. The main issue being I’m running away on the long weekend to manning. But whilst I’m at manning I’ll be hiking and walking through the snow. And I’ll make sure I’ll take photographic evidence and upload it when I return to civilization.

I plan to do yoga. I did yoga before I began running and then fell out of habit. I’ve downloaded the app Pocket Yoga which leads me through various workouts! I figure alongside my running I can take 30 minutes to practice yoga. I also have planning to get back into it in attempt to deal with my current anxiety issues.

To keep up with these posts keep an eye out for the hashtag #100daychallenge
2014-02-01 16.41.34

Attempting to do Downward facing dog!
Attempting to do Downward facing dog!

In other news I’ve also signed up for my 1st Obstacle race! Concrete Hero!


Concrete hero is an Urban 9km obstacle course in Vancouver. I’m currently trying to fundraise 600 dollars within my Team the Young Avengers! The event doesn’t happen till August so this gives me plenty of time to start lifting weights!

I look forward to this as running is one challenge but climbing is a whole other!

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