Beat the Blerch! (For Real this Time!)

Blerch. What is that? Is it a noise? Is it a creature? It’s both those things. But let’s recap!

Friday I took advantage of the gorgeous vancouver weather and ran Central park. I took this prime opportunity to test out the Brooks Transcend.

The latest Stability shoe from Brooks!
The latest Stability shoe from Brooks!

I was so excited I was able to get a pair of these. I had heard many positive things about this shoe and was even more happy when i learned they were classified as a stability shoe! I often find most of the shoes I want are neutral but I unfortunately need more support..or orthoditics. I’ll take a better photo of them . I love how the support doesn’t look like my regular shoes.

Saturday I ran the BMO St Patrick’s 5k.

Thanks Underarmour for this wonderful top!
Thanks Underarmour for this wonderful top!

Although I enjoyed the race and had a wonderful time I recall why I actually don’t like to run 5k officially. I find they are quite crowded. Not as bad as the Sun Run mind you but it’s hard to pass people whilst running the seawall.

I had good time, felt good afterward and proceeded to head out to Richmond for some practicum work.

Finally today I went out for a LSD (long slow distance) run. Close to `15k in under 2 and half hours. Not bad considering I’ve neglected my training. It was a beautiful day in Burnaby and I was joined by my awesome running partner CJ. I definitely feel like I have my groove back!

I will defeat the Blerch!
I will defeat the Blerch!

I’m going to be honest I’m getting a little worried about April. Up until today I’ve been neglecting my long runs. I keep saying I’ll go…and then I just don’t. I keep managing to find excuses. The Blerch has gotten the best of me. But it’s also inspired me

A few months ago my favourite comic writer The Oatmeal wrote a comic entitled “The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons I run Long Distances” It went viral. I even got a chance to meet him at Chapters and got him to sign a copy of his latest book

We chatted about running and running watches. It was great
We chatted about running and running watches. It was great

Since this comic has come out he even made Blerch shirts. For the record The Blerch is a fat cherub that follows you and tells you to stop. My friend CJ even got me the Blerch tech shirt

Turns out it’s been such a success Matthew Innman (The Oatmeal) is creating a Beat the Blerch 10k,Half and Full Marathon this September. The registration opens Monday. I am going to do everything in my power to get into this race.

Especially for the fact that Blerches chase you and you get cake.

I will beat the Blerch. I will get out there and run like the wind!


West Van Run

I woke up on Sunday March 2nd 2014 and I saw it snowing and I began to curse under my breathe.

I don’t want to run in snow! What if I fall? Now I know I won’t get a good time!

All of these thoughts ran through my head. But I finally convinced myself that I would be fine and I already paid for the race. There’s no going back. I donned my favourite pair of Asics Tights, my Mizuno Breathe Shirt, fit soks, and my Turkey Trot New Balance Jacket. Along with my Canada games Hat that Tristan gave me.

I also grabbed my BMO gloves because boy was it cold! I had some cereal some water to drink and then Tristan and I were on the road!

We arrived just before 8oclock and managed to find parking ! I then wandered down picked up my race bib.

After a few minutes I met up with Brandi Kendall and Amelia! I also finally got to meet one of my favourite bloggers Krista!

If you like delicious food, good books and posts about running, I suggest you follow her at Read,Bake , Run Repeat! < There’s the link!

Luckily since the race started by the Seawall it wasn’t as cold. Of course this did mean the snow has turned to rain. So I was thankful for the way I’ve dressed.

It wasn’t a delayed started we all went running at once. Ignoring the thoughts in my head I would just run as fast as I could and focus on not bailing. I had made the decision to wear my Solomon Trail Shoes for the fear of falling. I’m nervous after falling at Rubber Ducky so anything I can do to prevent it is wise.

I didn’t run with any music. But boy was I keeping a decent pace. I ran 10 &1’s like I normally would. I was hoping anything less than an 1 hour and a half would be wonderful. In fact it wasn’t until my phone had gone off that I realized how well things were going.

Tristan had texted me teasing that he’s been waiting 60 minutes I better run faster or he’ll leave me. And I did! I amped up my speed , pushed it hard, dug deep determined to finish .

I crossed the line at 1:15. I haven’t finished that fast since Night Race! Which by the way was also in horrible weather.

WestVanRun2Mar2014-2 (1) WestVanRun2Mar2014-3 (1)

Kudos to Tristan for capturing this shot!
Kudos to Tristan for capturing this shot!

I quite like the close up shots. Thank to Jennifer Strang for the excellent photography! You can see her portfolio at 


To say I’m beaming with pride would be an understatement. I celebrated my victory with Booster Juice . Also an extra huge thanks to my gentleman Tristan for driving me and waiting for me at the finish with a towel!

I quite enjoyed the course at West Van. It helps that the main organizer is goes to my school and is just a bit older then me. The course was well marked, there were water stations. Honestly the only bad thing was the rain! and even then I managed to survive it all! I will definitely be doing it again next year

I've made a point of capturing a picture post run after every race!
I’ve made a point of capturing a picture post run after every race!

In fact my Sunday was full of running! I ended up heading to a Saucony event and trying out the new Guide 7’s. I do have some brand loyalty to Asics, Mizuno and Brooks. The Guides feel a little soft to me but I plan to wear them more at work!

I definitely came home that night feeling proud. I have my groove back so to speak. In fact I’m planning to run 14k this weekend and I won’t let anything or anyone stop me! Determination is my middle name!

Wish me luck!