Get Off The Road!

I am determined this year to get on the trails. I’ve mentioned it earlier as one of my running goals for the year. Last summer I was camping for a total of 20 days (Thank you Canadian Jamboree and World Moot!) Don’t get me wrong I love Scouting and camping but I wish I had packed my shoes to Moot it would have made for some great running. I just missed running every sunday and felt out of habit. This summer I’ve got classes till the middle of June and then nothing! No trips just practicum hours to make sure I reach in August!

With that in mind I have officially signed up for my first trail race!

The 5 Peaks Golden Ears Race on May 10th to be exact!
The 5 Peaks Golden Ears Race on May 10th to be exact!

It’s only a few weeks away but it’s time to get over my fear and doubt and give this try. I’ve signed up for the sport course which is around 8-10k. I feel this is a safe start. I have quite a few friends there running it. It’s also there first race so horray for being newbies!  Although I’ve now run 4 halfs I want to be comfortable with the elevation and technical parts of trail running! I want to do this smart. I’ve also chosen the 5 peaks series since I’ve heard enough positive testimonials about the event and how well run they are! I hope to do at least 1 more in the series if I can!

I also hope I get some decent photos …I feel at times like these this when the Boromir Meme comes into play…

The amount of times I use "One simply" is way too many
The amount of times I use “One simply” is way too many

With that in mind I ran yesterday a nice quick 4k, and then I ran/walked Burnaby Lake with CJ. I got to break in my new birthday present which I plan to review after a couple more runs with it. So stay tuned! Also last week I went to the gym for the first time in how long. I had a lovely PT evaluation. Turns out I’m in better shape then I thought I was but I really need to get there at least once week. Crosstraining is how you maintain running! In fact it’s how you maintain any sport. It also helps with weight loss . A goal that is always on the back of my mind and it’s hard to shake the self doubt I have. Especially with the #weddingpocalypse next year.

By that I mean I have 3 weddings within a span of 6 months and I’m a bridesmaid for 2 of them….so yes in a way I will be #sweatingforthewedding. (But seriously congratulations to all my friends<3)

Jump Shots it's what all the cool kids are doing these days
Jump Shots it’s what all the cool kids are doing these days

I’ve got one paper and one final and then it’s sweet freedom (for a week) till summer classes!

Either way I plan to try and get at least one more run in before the week is over. Even if it’s slower then turtles walking through peanut butter!


Look how far I’ve come !( My 1st racecation)

I can’t remember when Brandi told me about Whidbey but I know it was back in the fall. It was basically something along the lines of “This half marathon is 35 dollars, you should come, I’ll drive you!”

Right there I was sold. For those who don’t know..running can be a cheap sport. Running races? Not so much. 35 dollars for a shirt and medal for 21 k? That’s unheard of!

I told myself I would train harder then I did for BMO!

..and I didnt!

I told myself it would break a record!

and I didn’t!

Do you see a theme? But guess what? I still had a blast!

I don’t mean to be the queen of positivity (though sometimes I am!) but honestly I need to look at how far I’ve come. As well not focus on the numbers and focus on what I did well otherwise.

This fall will mark 2 years of running. That’s not very long in the grand scheme of things. Especially considering after highschool I stopped doing Tae Kwon Do so there was a couple years where the most active part of my day was walking to and from school!

If you had told me in the summer of 2012 that I would be running a half marathon after my birthday..I would have fallen off my chair laughing. But I have! 3 times over!

I’ve gone from running the Granville Island Turkey Trot because I love saying the name, to running a half marathon because I’m turning 21! I’ve come along way and this is just the beginning. In fact Whidbey now gives me 4 half marathons that I’ve completed! That’s pretty awesome!

I’ve only had one injury so far and that was Rubber Ducky in which I rolled on my ankle but it has since healed and now I just need to be careful. So that’s awesome too! Working at RR I hear tons of stories about injured runners and not recovering properly.

Although I wish school , life and other factors hadn’t taken over I am still glad I pushed myself to run and not let my doubt get the best of me. I will get faster again (so far my fastest half is my 1st at 2 hours and 53 minutes) I will get stronger.

As my boyfriends bracelets tell me

“Push Hard, Go Faster”

Now moving onto the racecation! I met Brandi at her place just before noon, shortly thereafter we went to pick up Sarah and we were off! Because we all had nexus we breezed through the line like nothing and we stopped at REI and couple other places for treats and fueling options. I am all about trying new products and finding anything that will help keep me going!

Sunrise the morning of!
Sunrise the morning of!

We would eventually make it to the Swinomish Casino but we weren’t allowed to check in early so we decided now seemed like good a time as any to test out how long it would take us to drive the start ! Turns out were just under 30 minutes!

A lovely shot taken in Coupeville whilst wandering!
A lovely shot taken in Coupeville whilst wandering!

We eventually picked up our packages. I should mention that I am literally the only person who liked the shirt. …I remain a lonewolf on that one!

We had some time to kill as we had dinner plans in Coupeville courtesy of Solana (follow her on her site ) It was a lovely drive with the sunshine and everything. We explored K Mart since it was closing and we all bought matching PJ’s because that’s just how you roll!


Blue and pink just go together!
Blue and pink just go together!

We wandered coupeville a little eventually making our way to dinner at Ciao a lovely Italian restaurant. I had fun gabbing with other runners and eating delicious thin crust pizza. We got into our room just before 9 and we’re in bed by 10 (something something 21 km something something need sleep!)

I officially dub ourselves the Pajama Pacers! (get it?)
I officially dub ourselves the Pajama Pacers! (get it?)

I got up 5am. Why? Because the Full Marathon would be starting at 715 and they would be closing the bridge from then until 745. So we decided to leave early just to be safe so we wouldn’t be stuck in traffic!

I wore my favourite orange nike top, my tattoo sugoi arm sleeves (which by the way everyone loves I got many comments on them!) my Brooks pureflow pants, my blue CEP socks and my brooks transcend.

The gun went off, music went on and I just ran. I ran as hard as I could , walked when I had to and soaked in the beautiful views of Whidbey Island. Also holy hills batman! The only real complaint I have besides my time? The very last hill before the finish. BRUTAL!

Also..I have a sunburn but that’s my own fault combined with fair skin!

Despite the hills I seriously enjoyed this race and if it’s this cheap again next year, you can count me running it! My parents we’re even talking about coming down with me and making a weekend trip out of it! I seriously love the medal design!

Another red lipstick run completed! Hard to tell since it rubbed off..i blame all the water I drank!
Another red lipstick run completed! Hard to tell since it rubbed off..i blame all the water I drank!

I came home happy ! I love Runners High! I really do! And with school wrapped up (minus papers and other nonsense!) I am looking forward to hitting the trails this summer and pushing myself and actually sticking to a training plan.

I want to rock my Half Fanatic weekend and I can’t do that with the way things are going! I gotta beat the blerch somehow!