Get Off The Road!

I am determined this year to get on the trails. I’ve mentioned it earlier as one of my running goals for the year. Last summer I was camping for a total of 20 days (Thank you Canadian Jamboree and World Moot!) Don’t get me wrong I love Scouting and camping but I wish I had packed my shoes to Moot it would have made for some great running. I just missed running every sunday and felt out of habit. This summer I’ve got classes till the middle of June and then nothing! No trips just practicum hours to make sure I reach in August!

With that in mind I have officially signed up for my first trail race!

The 5 Peaks Golden Ears Race on May 10th to be exact!
The 5 Peaks Golden Ears Race on May 10th to be exact!

It’s only a few weeks away but it’s time to get over my fear and doubt and give this try. I’ve signed up for the sport course which is around 8-10k. I feel this is a safe start. I have quite a few friends there running it. It’s also there first race so horray for being newbies!  Although I’ve now run 4 halfs I want to be comfortable with the elevation and technical parts of trail running! I want to do this smart. I’ve also chosen the 5 peaks series since I’ve heard enough positive testimonials about the event and how well run they are! I hope to do at least 1 more in the series if I can!

I also hope I get some decent photos …I feel at times like these this when the Boromir Meme comes into play…

The amount of times I use "One simply" is way too many
The amount of times I use “One simply” is way too many

With that in mind I ran yesterday a nice quick 4k, and then I ran/walked Burnaby Lake with CJ. I got to break in my new birthday present which I plan to review after a couple more runs with it. So stay tuned! Also last week I went to the gym for the first time in how long. I had a lovely PT evaluation. Turns out I’m in better shape then I thought I was but I really need to get there at least once week. Crosstraining is how you maintain running! In fact it’s how you maintain any sport. It also helps with weight loss . A goal that is always on the back of my mind and it’s hard to shake the self doubt I have. Especially with the #weddingpocalypse next year.

By that I mean I have 3 weddings within a span of 6 months and I’m a bridesmaid for 2 of them….so yes in a way I will be #sweatingforthewedding. (But seriously congratulations to all my friends<3)

Jump Shots it's what all the cool kids are doing these days
Jump Shots it’s what all the cool kids are doing these days

I’ve got one paper and one final and then it’s sweet freedom (for a week) till summer classes!

Either way I plan to try and get at least one more run in before the week is over. Even if it’s slower then turtles walking through peanut butter!


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