Making a Concrete Hero

So a bit of an update!

I’ve been a little quiet on here since well to be honest I’m embarrassed! But then again I have just spent the past 7 weeks completing Magazine Publishing so I haven’t really been lazy So I guess it all balances out.That being said I’m still struggling with parts of my life. I won’t get into it too much but it’s definitely  a mind over matter when it comes to my confidence and my goals.

I keep trying to start goals and challenges but am finding myself struggling with motivation (also allergies!) . But with that in mind, I think I’m finally getting back into my regular routine. Here’s hoping at least.

I am pleased to report that I am officially in Concrete Hero training mode

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What does this mean? It means seriously watching my food and actually getting myself to the gym. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how I need to crosstrain . It’s funny with the motivation issues I struggle with, I can still push myself to walk or go for a quick run. Getting to the gym however, seems near impossible.

So I’ve got a plan

I’ve got the Half Marathon clinic on Sunday morning, Tuesday and Wednesday evening. I need to be hitting the gym at least twice a week on the days I am not running. I’m hoping after a couple consistent weeks I’ll be able to make it 3 days a week! I know I can run the distance for sure. It’s the climbing that makes me nervous. My gym routine is going to consist of lifting weights, burpees and kettlebells.

I’m not saying I’ll be a beefcake but I’d love to have some muscle to show off in my arms come August 17th

Concrete Hero means altering my diet. More water, less trips to starbucks. With school wrapping up I’ll be home more with more time to prepare food.

What else have I got planned?

  • A potential 10k
  • A potential Disney Trip in the works for 2015
  • Another trail race
  • The Turkey Trot (of course!)
  • My back to back Halfs , plus Rock & Roll

I’m hoping with Concrete Hero forcing me to go to the gym I’ll be better trained come Beat the Blerch. I want to get back to my BMO time (sub 3 hours yes I’m slow speed comes with training !) It’s funny with my motivation and the gym. I can get myself to run, even if it’s 3 k it’s better then nothing. But there something’s about being in the gym and seeing other people I get rather nervous.


At least moving forward I no longer have the doubt that I won’t finish. I’ve done it 4 times now . I’m now more determined then ever to get faster.

Today I’m proud to report that I actually managed to get out and swim! I spent many a summer taking swimming lessons. I like swimming since it’s cardio but it’s a little less strenuous.

Plus I enjoy pretending to be a mermaid and I have triathlete aspirations (one day..need to over my fears of cycling)

I’m excited internet. I’m determined to make this summer amazing with keeping active.

Stay tuned for an update on how the gym plays out!


One thought on “Making a Concrete Hero

  1. So proud of you little one – keep up the good work! I know the gym can feel a bit intimidating, but you can always get an induction from a trainer when you go (that helped me feel more comfortable) and of course, pull out your best girl power playlist on your ipod and you’ll be running the joint in no time at all! Love you!

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