The Grind & Cypress 5 Peaks

12 days. That’s how many days I have left before Concrete Hero. I’m so excited now and am feeling confident and ready!

The last few weeks have been consistent running and fitness . As well as no dairy for 2 weeks! Lactose intolerance is truly a lame allergy but it’s one I have and I need to manage better.

So what have I been up to? Well let’s start with Cypress!

I love the cup! It's cute orange and used it a lot already!
I love the cup! It’s cute orange and used it a lot already!

I unfortunately wasn’t able to make it out to any of the orientation runs but I had chosen the sport course because Brittany was running! As well trail running is still very new to me so I chose the course with less elevation.

It was a beautiful day and despite the heatwave I didn’t overheat. Luckily a good chunk of the sport course was in the shade !

Package pickup went smoothly and Brittany and I found ourselves with enough time to put our stuff away, get our bibs on and get to the start line! I found myself running into a lot of people as well. As I’ve been told I am the Kevin Bacon of my generation

2014-07-26 09.00.12 2014-07-26 09.00.16

I enjoy the sport course immesnely. I found my workouts have been paying off as I ran the entire race almost non stop and clocked in at 1 hour , 10 minutes. The scenery was beautiful and I even managed to rock the technical parts as well! I will definitely be running this race again next year ! There was a ton off awesome food and drink afterwards and I even got myself a Salomon shirt too!

2014-07-26 10.02.59 2014-07-26 09.58.54 2014-07-26 09.58.50-1

As well that week my Bib Rave shirt had arrived in the mail that I won off twitter! If you aren’t familiar with the website it’s a site in which you search and write Race reviews. I look forward to completing more races and reviewing them on there!

2014-07-26 10.34.51 2014-07-26 10.34.28

Shoutout to Brittany for being an excellent race buddy and winning herself an entry! After the race we proceeded to hit up the Salomon store so she could get herself a pair of proper trail shoes!

The other fun part of my training (besides running and weight workouts) has been the grind. It’s full as I’ve worked at Grouse for almost 3 years and I’ve made a point of not doing it….until now!

2014-07-25 17.44.43 2014-07-25 17.08.15 2014-07-25 16.40.18

Friday after a day at camp I pushed myself up the trail alone. In the heat too. I learned that I would not be doing anymore evening grinds but I was glad I did it none the less ! (Also I decided to do this before the cypress race….plus a 10k run ….I enjoy punishing myself!)

The following friday I managed to convince some friends with me. I found myself slower mostly due to tight muscles but I’m hoping to get another few grinds in before the end of the summer. It’s a tough trail but very rewarding!

For those who are not familiar, The Grouse Grind is a hiking trail on the Northshore. It is often referred to as “Nature’s stairmaster” . Despite being just shy of 3km , it is the elevation gain that really trips you up when hiking. A lot of people choose to hike it as you can take the tram down versus hiking down which is prohibited. I would not reccomend it to someone who isn’t already active as I’ve heard enough calls and stories of people getting injured or going into cardiac arrest. Make sure to read up on it and be prepared before heading up!

The grind is always better when you have friends!
The grind is always better when you have friends!

I’m starting to plan a costume for Concrete Hero, stay tuned for updates on that! I’ve got 3 runs to fit in this week plus some gym/body weight workouts!

Also I know we just got into august but school is just around the corner and that means Beat the Blerch is less then 50 days away! We’re in the midst of hill training (I share a love hate relationship with that) .



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