The Young Avengers (My Concrete Hero Experience)

Several months ago my lovely friend Haley told me I should do Concrete Hero. The only reason I wasn’t 100% sold on the idea was the fact that it involved obstacles. But she assured me it would be fun and I could do it (something something you run half marathons something something)

It also helped that Concrete Hero is a fundraiser for the BC Cancer Foundation. In this day and age you are pretty hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t been affected by Cancer. Although there many diseases out there in which we do not have cures, Cancer is just one of them.

My Grandfather Ivo passed away from Brain Cancer, it happened within weeks. I can still recall the memory of visiting him in the hospital . Had he not had a seizure we never would have discovered the tumour.

One of my favourite photos..besides some baby pictures
One of my favourite photos..besides some baby pictures

My best friend Kayla survived cancer. Bone cancer to specific. She has been in remission for 6 years and that’s simply amazing. It’s not easy losing your leg, but she’s done it so gracefully (and has even managed to make it on televison !)

Kayla and I at a concert, so basically our natural habitat
Kayla and I at a concert, so basically our natural habitat

I fund-raised for them. I ran with them in mind.


And after the experience I had , I will most certainly be doing it again.

The race starts at a rather civilized time 10am. Check in beginning at 9. Warm starts at 940. So if you show up early you have plenty of time to get your bib , take some photos and hit the washroom before the race even starts. So this worked for me. They had parking space very close to the race start/finish so that was great too! Tristan was concerned about trying to leave afterwards but there were no issues there.

Now let me introduce you to my team…in which I only knew my Captain ..and the rest were just people on a facebook group..until race day!

Some of us are DC characters....either way we're super!
Some of us are DC characters….either way we’re super!

Also I would like to personally thank Jason Romein for these amazing photos! Starting from the left we have Ashley, Erica (or Airwrecka on Facebook) who would be my buddy for most of the event, Nicolyn, Haley our fearless leader, myself as Captain America, Brian !

Bib pickup was smooth, they had an on-line check in process prior making life a lot of easier! The race also had an amazing warm up lead by the amazing Karin! (Thank you for pumping all of us up!)

The obstacles were well spaced , there was a slight line whilst waiting to run through the school buses. Yes you read that right. I even got to honk the horn. Haley did require a band aid at one point, and the mugginess was pretty brutal. But we hopped over fire, ran through bubbles, I even fell off monkey bars into refreshing water! But still I kept trucking along!

The hardest obstacle was right at the end, aplty titled the Chief , here’s a couple shots to show you how brutal it was!

DSCN0269 DSCN0270

I did require help climbing…as I was rather wet from the water causing me the slip when trying to climb. Note to self, don’t fall into water , stuff to work on next year. But check out this amazing jump shot !

Seriously Jason thank you so much for this picture
Seriously Jason thank you so much for this picture

This event was way too much fun. I love the medal, I love the cause, the atmosphere was amazing as everyone around was supportive. You can definitely count me in for next year . I hope to have some wicked arm muscles then so I can claim those monkey bars…and not fall! As well my team was number 5 for top 10 fundraisers, with our grand total amount being 3,480 dollars, which I think is pretty amazing. I am determined to beat that next year.

concreteheroafter concreteheroafter2

Until then, this avenger is resting..but not for long as Beat the Blerch is getting close! Stay tuned for updates internet !



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