Fall Running (The end of my race season)

On Thanksgiving Monday, I celebrated my runniversary. (Yep pretty sure I made that word up but the sentiment remains the same)

In 2012 I ran the Granville Island Turkey Trot 10k for the first time..and I was instantly hooked on running races after that. I ran the 10k nonstop (Not a PR but I’m proud of another race is which I don’t run intervals)

I’m also thankful that the weather held out since it proceeded to pour rain for the next several days. During the race I found myself reflecting on my body and what’s happened since I’ve started running .

  • – I’ve lost weight
  • – I find myself happier
  • – I write about it, tweet about, and connect with others around the word via #runchat
  • – I’ve pushed myself to run trails instead of limiting myself to road races.
  • – I’ve made some amazing friends

Hard to believe this was me two years ago on that same day

Tracey and I before the start of the race!
Tracey and I before the start of the race!



The Turkey Trot will always have a special place in my heart especially because of my mum since she was a big supporter having been running for awhile…unfortunately she’s had to stop due to arthritis. She still comes to most of my races and is always there to help me. For that I am grateful!

With that I lead you into my final race of the season. The Inaugural Rock & Roll Vancouver Half Marathon.

It was a perfect day for a run, not super hot, but the sun was out and I loved meeting up with people in the corrals as anticipated the start. I had also committed to running this race is costume

Captain America and Brittany!
Captain America and Brittany!

The dress I found at Hot Topic for those who are curious. It’s meant for cosplay so it’s made of a poly blend…perfect for running!

The race was going quite well initially, I ran past my supervisors house at around 5k, he got a photo of me apparently and I felt my second wind come at around 10k (this happens to me alot when training for long runs) and just as I felt strong..I managed to trip over my own two feet…and I hit the ground hard. Thankfully Tina was running beside me and was there to help me up. The first words out of my mouth were “How’s my face?” yep..you can tell where my priorities are at!

Course I only scraped my knee and my hands proceeded to be swollen for the remainder of the day…but boy can I feel it today as I’m writing to you…my back and shoulders really hurt. I imagine from bracing my fall. Essentially after that I found myself struggling to run..making for probably the slowest half marathon ever. I did however have the pleasure of running past my friends from No Island! and giving a couple of them nice sweaty hugs!

But I finished, I didn’t break any bones, so I’m glad things didn’t get worse. I will definitely be running Rock & Roll events in the future, I found the entire weekend well organized and I simply love my metal! The short was a touch boring but fits well so that’s all that matters.

I'm super!
I’m super!

So what’s the plan?

A run streak. As well as embracing track workouts because I NEED to get faster. I do say need..because although I don’t mind being a slow runner..it would be nice to break some records come 2015. Especially in the half distance.

I also have a unique/random fitness goal which I will explain in due time

In the mean time..I plan on relaxing and just enjoying my runs


One thought on “Fall Running (The end of my race season)

  1. I think you are doing amazing Melissa! I love the Turkey Trot race and have done it many times (mainly because I love to eat turkey and having a 10k to run sort of justifies my indulgence). This year I didn’t register because I ran the Victoria marathon the day before. Stick with your goals and when there is a will, there will always be a way! Hugs to you!

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