275 Days

It’s a strange title but stick with me .

Somewhere between Rock & Roll and now I stopped running. I kept coming up with excuses and found myself unmotivated. In fact I had a run streak going in November until I managed to catch a cold. I don’t sick often internet but when I do..I end up missing work (which i despise doing!)

But I’m back now. Currently in exam season so this blogging is nice reprive from that. What have I been doing? Goal setting. Re evaluating my goals and what I want from running. I keep talking track, speed and that’s not happening! So I’m making a plan. I like plans. The whole reason I completed my first half marathon in 2013 was my timeline and plan . I had date to train to. Regular days to run. And it all seemed to fall into place! I have found that since then..it’s been a struggle.

I’ve got 275 days.

What does that mean? It’s a bit of an odd number I realize that .

This past year for me has been the rise of the #weddingpocalypse . Yes I did make that word up. I’m going to not one..but two weddings in 2015 (not to mention I’ve seen a plethora of engagements on facebook …even a couple running blogs I follow mentioned engagements!)

I’m not saying I’m old. But I’m not “young” either. I’m 22 and I definitely still feel too young to be in this “Let’s getting married and have children” phase. That being said the two weddings next year are couples in Scouting! And they are both a bit older then me..so that does play into that!

With one wedding in particular I am a bridesmaid! Check out the invitation I recieved

She made them herself because she's so talented!
She made them herself because she’s so talented!

I’ve known Nicholle since we first met at PJ 2007….can’t believe that was almost 8 years ago. And now I get to be in her wedding party.

This leads to me to my new fitness challenge

Becoming a Buff Bridesmaid.

The idea of #buffbridesmaid came into me when looking at my gym membership. I have one that has been used a bit this year but I really have an aversion to the gym. I can run by myself no problem but something about the gym alone is a bit of a struggle. I did manage to do more body weight and gym workouts when I was in Concrete Hero mode so I know I can get over this “fear” of the gym!

I should also say that I’m all for being body positive. Since running I have learned to appreciate my body more and what it can do. But I would love to improve certain things and feel more comfortable in my own skin.

So being a buff bridesmaid means. Running and lifting weights and just working on my whole body.

With this in mind I hope to see a steady improvement in running. I’m officially in training mode for running now.

In fact I’ve already signed up for my first race..you may have seen these images floating around the twitterverse!

Kinda love my pony tail in this!
Kinda love my pony tail in this!
Shout out to Kirill for sharing these shots with me!
Shout out to Kirill for sharing these shots with me!

I am proud to pronounce that I’m part of the Running Blog team for the annual West Van Run 5k/10k ! Also a huge thank you to Jennifer Strang . I don’t usually enjoy having my photo taken but you made it a very enjoyable experience!

I had such a fun time running that race in the snow that I was happy to jump at the opportunity to promote and support the event! Plus March is nice time of year to run. Even if it did snow on the course this year! The theme is We are Canucks so I’m hoping to try and coordinate a themed outfit!

Stay tuned for future blog posts on training for that as I am determined to PR again on that course!

I’m hoping after breaking the hour mark on my 10k I can finally tackle improving my half marathon time. I want to run 3 more half marathons before pushing the distance further. I also hope with this I will reward myself with a running tattoo!

I’m struggling with motivation internet I won’t lie..but I know that I can get back into a running groove. Especially once finals are over! Until then I’m working on getting over my gym fears!


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