I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again !

My measurements for starters. I took these on January 16th 2015

Weight :178

Hips: 42 inches

Waist: 34.5

Bust : 36

Accountability is important here.
Accountability is important here.

I want to start off by saying I don’t like my body right now. My body can do amazing things but a break up combined with Christmas and laziness has lead to weight gain. I have lost an inch and couple pounds since but I got off track in February. And you know what? It happens! The difference now is I’m going to shut up that blerch. The blerch keeps telling me that I will fail and I will never achieve my fitness goals.  When I know that’s not true. I can still remember the summer of 2012 when I could barely run for 5 minutes and since then I’ve run 7 halfs. If I set my mind to it, I will accomplish it.

I'm not good at gym selfies..maybe as my buff bridesmaid goal goes along I'll get better?
I’m not good at gym selfies..maybe as my buff bridesmaid goal goes along I’ll get better?

I graduated highschool 5 years ago (OH MAN!) and it’s funny when I look at photos and I see that I’m “smaller” . My chest was bigger but I probably weighed around 155 pounds. I wore size 8 dress to my grad. But really I was in awful shape then . Gym class felt like such a chore.

So what now? Stay focused. Don’t get discouraged and take it one day at a time. I can’t change everything at once .

With that my focus on running shifted. I’m finding it hard to run races as I’m finding it harder to get my distance up. So the half marathons at this point are on hold. There’s always next year. I hate saying that but I don’t want to sign up for more events without having the plan to properly train for them.

The theme right now is Less and More. In my life.

Here’s how I’m figuring things out

March Goals

– Gym at least 6 times (this works out to twice a week)

– Minimize till #mk15 (I’m lactose intolerant , and since Lent started I’ve caved once! So I can do this..I can curb my addiction to cream cheese)

– Run when I can, and most important enjoy the run (Running feels like a chore as of lately and it breaks my heart! Time to refocus and fix that)

– Keep tracking on MFP , Fitocracy and use the #buffbridesmaid photos to keep focused! (I’m hopefully going to make a motivation board in my room I have a little thing on my wall but..right now it needs to bigger I think!)

The West Van 10k went pretty well! I was a minute away from beating my time last year and with that I am now even more focused on beating it again. I’m looking at some 10ks this summer in which I could accomplish that.

The beautiful Brittany who pushed me to the very end!
The beautiful Brittany who pushed me to the very end!

This is not going to be easy. But I am so determined internet .

This year my journal says “You will go far” although I plan to with travel I know I will get ahead with goals and crush them !

180 days till Nicholle and Cam’s big day (Holy crap where is time going?)

And 26 days till #mk15. In which I have every intention in wearing a particularly sexy dress that if I lose a couple inches will look just perfect . So let’s crush March shall we?

Wish me luck as always internet!







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