The Next Phase

Since beginning my #buffbridesmaid goals back in January I’ve broken it down into stages

January – April was embracing the gym and exercise again

May- July is going to be diet

August leading up the wedding will be sticking to a rigid schedule

I’ve gone to the gym more in the past few months then I did all of last year. Even on days when I don’t feel like going I still manage to go and lift weights and remind myself why I’m doing this.

With this I ran the Modo 8k.

I arrived rather early since I wasn’t able to pick up my package the day before. However it was a really smooth process so that was awesome!

I waited around, warmed up a bit, chatted with friends I saw and seeded myself. I also used gear check for the first time since I didn’t have anyone waiting for me.

2015-03-22 11.01.35

I told myself I wanted to be under an hour. I ran without music and just focused on my form and the person ahead of me.

Prior to this race I had been running more with Scott .Running with a friend definitely helps me focus on holding a better pace.  As well running with Jeremy (who by the way is a foot taller then me which forces me to run faster…even if he does shorten his stride).

It’s paid off I ran it is 58 minutes. My one complaint is the fact that the race ends on an up hill…a little mean but otherwise I love my medal. The post race food was amazing and I eventually wandered over to get picked up by my mother

My progress

Since January I’m at 172 pounds. 6 pounds down which is interesting considering I’ve only been focused on excersise. I definitely need to embrace a meal plan. To me that means eating smaller portions and more water.

2015-03-30 22.01.13 2015-03-30 22.01.41

I can comfortably lift 15 pounds. I’m hoping to hit 20 by the end of May.

If I’m being totally honest I wish I had more progress (breaking 10 pounds) but I do know that I need to keep pushing myself more and staying focused.

With that I need to refocus my love of running. I would love to run another trail race this summer, a zombie race and the Squamish 10k. I’m hoping with shorter distances (no more half marathons till 2016) I can get faster and eventually beat my half time as well as my 10k time.

What I am most proud of is my determination. Last year as soon as I got off track I’d beat myself up and just give up all together.

Next photo I take will be 20 pound weights!
Next photo I take will be 20 pound weights!

I’m only human. This is a slow process and I have to take it a day at a time.

I just need to keep repeating that as the summer goes on.

Know of any races I should check out this summer? Keep in mind I’ll have PJ in July (Yay jamboree! can’t wait to run whilst at camp!)

Either way once I get back from NYC I look forward to embracing my new free time with classes being over. As well as looking at proper nutrition


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