99 Days To Go!

Last year I made an attempt at a 100 day challenge. I am now using my buff bridesmaid goals to restart this challenge.

The goal? 30 minutes a day of physical activity

Running ,walking, cycling anything that gets me moving.

2015-05-08 07.04.07

As far as progress goes I am very close to getting under 170 pounds. (It’s been a challenge but this week I’ve managed to start some healthier habits)

My first habit is water. I’m usually pretty good about this but since my birthday I’ve been kind of bad. But luckily the current Heatwave Vancouver has been experiencing has made drinking water more a necessity then anything.

With that I am trying to restrict my diet more. What do I mean by that? I don’t just mean portion control I mean regular meal planning. For the past 2 weeks I’ve only bought lunch twice. I’ve embraced leftovers and small snacks and I know it will be awhile before I notice a change but I can see my bank account thanking me already!

I’ve also focused on limiting my dairy to one thing a day. I love cheese I really do but it’s nice to limit myself. My stomach definitely appreciates it.

Progress so far since January

Pounds down : 7

Inches : 5

2015-05-08 16.48.42

Not bad. But not great. However what I am happy about is my weight lifting. 15 pounds is finally feeling too comfortable and yours truly can now squat with a weighted bar on her back! I’m hoping if my schedule allows me I’m going to try and hire a trainer to help me with some more lofty goals in regards to weight lifting as well I’d like to try some gym classes to change things up a bit .

June Goals include :

  • Meal Planning , no more buying lunch !
  • Taking my waterbottle wherever I go
  • Gym twice a week, running twice a week (So far I’ve done that 2 weeks in a row!)
  • Signing up a race and refocusing my running!

2015-05-21 14.14.14


I caught myself in the mirror today and normally I find myself shying away but I couldn’t help but notice my legs we’re particularly muscly. I sometimes feel like my body is never going to catch up but I then found myself flexing my arms and noticing slight muscles.

My body is changing. I’m getting stronger.

But most important internet . I feel amazing. I am so much happier because that is the main goal with exercise is happiness! (Endorphins make you happy!)

Probably helps that I’m only a couple days from graduation too!

Stay tuned for a 100 day challenge update next week! I mean it this time!


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