The First 10 Days

I thought I’d write a short little update on how the first 10 days have gone. First off I’m so happy that I’ve managed to actually stay committed to this goal. Shout out to the lovely Cassandra Tracy who has been texting me and we’ve been checking in on each other.

See that? I can squat that on my back! Booyah!
See that? I can squat that on my back! Booyah!

Even though I only ran once last week and same with the gym. I did some at home workouts and even went for walks whilst on lunch at work. The sunshine is good for me despite my fair skin!

Can't believe I can now lift this weight too!
Can’t believe I can now lift this weight too!

So how are my goals?

  • Lunch packing goes well! and my water bottle has definitely been following me everywhere. or even my plastic cup
  • I have signed up for the Squamish 10k . Have even convinced Emilie to run it with me! (Now to convince Jeremy…!)
  • When I haven’t been at the gym, it’s been kettlebell workouts at home! Or dvd workouts! Every step and movement counts .

I’m feeling great internet. My depression is usually worse in the summer and it’s been a little rough but I think this 100 day challenge is definitely helping me keep it under control

Gym selfies. Not my best but I felt great after this workout!
Gym selfies. Not my best but I felt great after this workout!

I’m hoping for some more gym sessions before my next check in. I need to start speed training if I want to beat my 10k time from March ! I’m reading more about weight lifting on ways I can push myself even more. I’m thinking more squats, more weight, and different circuits.

Today is day 11 and I went to the gym first thing this morning. It was early I was tired from the weekend of work and celebrations (not sure if you heard but I kinda did this graduation thing from University!) But I still went. And even though the workout wasn’t amazing it was still better to have gone , then to have skipped . In fact I wanted to write this post yesterday but celebrations yesterday didn’t allow me time to sit down and write . But either way I haven’t wavered on this goal.

I am shutting the blerch down more then ever. I’m hoping for 2 more gym sessions this week and a couple runs as well. They have to be either really early morning or late evening however. Vancouver is experiencing unusual high heat and it makes running a touch challenging.

But no excuses. I’m hoping to take a photo this month and show some more progress! I will get under 170.



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