Back to Basics

Not long after #buffbridesmaid goals wrapped up. I let my fitness slide. I then went backpacking through the UK for two months!

In some ways I was a little disappointed in myself and letting my running take the back-seat . But the trip allowed to reflect on a lot of aspects of my life including fitness and health.

I’ve been home a few days now and have been writing down dates of races, looking at training plans and trying to get myself sorted.

I need to start over. For a couple years I keep saying I’ll run faster and then start training as such and then it just stops. It won’t happen overnight and I need to just keep pushing myself.

When I first started running in 2012 I could barely run 5 minutes without coughing. I need to go back to that point and build up. Instead of trying to run faster all in one go. Much like training for a marathon or 10k you need to build up to it.

Things are different now. I’m out of school. I currently only work part time and so I should take advantage of the extra time I have before things change!

So before I run a half marathon faster, I need to work on my shorter distances . Much like my bridesmaid goals I want a clever tag to keep my going and check in points. My hope is to stagger some races with one of my big end goals being the BMO half. That was my first half marathon in 2013 it was slow hot but I finished. I am more determined then ever to run it faster..if only by a few minutes!

I’m looking forward to this reboot of my running. Especially what comes of it!




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