New Year , Similar Goals

In 2013 I ran the Sun Run then BMO. I had only run 1 10k prior but already I was addicted to training for events and running them. I think that’s honestly what I love about running so much is the individuality of the sport.

You run your own race. You compete against yourself. If that’s what interests you.

So it’s now 2016. I’m running again and it’s not perfect but I’m pushing myself more. The mental block of speed work.

Hill repeats along with tempo runs with friends shall really help. Also hoping to run with my partner more who is a foot taller then me..therefore forcing me to quicken my pace. I’m also trying to commit to speed workouts with the Forerunners Running Clinic. Been to a couple sessions so far and so far so good. I managed to survive the Fartlek style workout last week !

I plan to repeat 2013 in some ways. I want to try and break an hour at the Sun Run. It’s a massive event..but in some ways that adds a lot of pressure. The Sun Run is also a good training run before BMO since I’ll be tapering anyway. (Or pretty close to it)

So I’ve got that plus the Modo8k a race I ran last year and would love to beat my time. If I can do that in under 50 minutes that’d be amazing.

I’m trying very hard this year to do less races and focus more on quality events.

Rock and Roll Vancouver I will definitely run the half I’m just debating the 10k as well the day before. A new challenge plus extra bling. And of course since I was away I will be running the Turkey Trot again. I would like a 3rd half this year. I’m hoping the Blerch race is happening again. If not I can find another smaller local event but I’d like to make RnR my last half of this year. I’m even looking at the 10k for Run for Water as a fun way to change things up.

I’m having some challenges. Part of it is finding that routine. But I’ve been gyming twice a week using the app Stronglifts and am really enjoying the structure it’s giving me!

Long runs are coming. Gotta start upping my mileage!

Stay tuned as always!



One thought on “New Year , Similar Goals

  1. You have some great races on The schedule! I want to make it to the Sun Run one year. I think I have racecations planned over all the Vancouver races this year, so I’ll be checking back to see your recaps!

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