The Next Adventure

So a thing happened…and with that I have some updates to share!

I won a trip! Turns out I made enough sales through a contest at work that I have the pleasure of representing Forerunners in the Race to Kinvara.  I plan to if I have time and wifi to share the trip through here. I leave on July 19th and fly home July 23rd. It’s short but it’s going to the experience of a life time!

2016-06-01 05.16.262016-06-03 06.01.132016-06-29 20.04.15

How am I feeling? Anxious excited and just overall ridiculously lucky.

My running ? Not as a frequent (averaging 2 runs a week ) but the runs have been strong. Been focusing on my form a lot more.

I hope to blog more…I dislike how quiet I am on this platform…!

Oh and looks like I’ll get to bring the #buffbridesmaid project again . Come August 2017 I’ll be standing alongside long time high school friend Kayla as she and Mikey tie the knot!

Similar goals but it’ll be different this time! I get to pick my own dress and I plan on breaking down the months differently with different goals.

I’m looking forward to the rest of this summer now. I’ve got Beat the Blerch on the brain. I’ve now got steady employment so I can commit to some fall races and really start training on a semi regular basis.

I’m also planning on committing myself more to the fitgirl challenge . I hope this will help with #buffbridesmaid goals as well as my overall fitness!.

Until this I must pack! Despite the trip being so short…I still need to decide which lipstick I’m wearing..!


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