The Return of The Buff Bridesmaid

Hello Internet

So it begins! Buff Bridesmaid 2.0

Before diving into this I would like to make a small mention that Beat the Blerch continues to be an amazing fun race . Despite my determination I did not run as fast I’d like. But that’s me and that’s what it is (FOR NOW!) and I still finished strong and up right. I’ve also already signed up for next year just to guarantee I would race the Saturday!

Congrats to Mr Tall who completed his first half marathon and after some consideration would even do it again.



I’m so happy I get to repeat my Buff Bridesmaid goals again. This time it’s for my highschool best friend Kayla Cox. You may remember her when I did Concrete hero as I fundraised with her in mind. Now she’s engaged to the man of her dreams and her big day is August 19 2017 .


The overall goal  like before is to lose weight for a dress, but it’s about strength too! I’m confident with some proper guidance I can crush this goal .

I’ve made some changes this round. I’ve begun personal training at my gym with a strong focus of weight lifting. I’ve only got 3 races left this year and I’m aiming for some rocking 10k times. The Turkey Trot this year was fabulous as I got to run alongside my two bffls. As well I’m aiming for one blog post a week to reflect on what I did well and what I need to work on. I’m aiming for every Friday. It doesn’t have to be a novel but it has to show a log of what i’m improving on! I’ve also acquired a new scale that gives more detail then just pounds! I’m rather jazzed about it.


I’ve made a list of mini goals so that I don’t get to hung up on inches and pounds

10 goals and here they are :

  1. Be able to pull myself up
  2. Hold myself up on a pole (pole dancing classes!)
  3. Bike at least twice a week
  4. Be able to plank for 2 minutes
  5. Run 10k in under 60 minutes
  6. Run 5k in under 30 minutes
  7. Get down to my “High school” weight
  8. Squat my body weight
  9. Complete a Fit Girl challenge (and blog everyday of it)
  10. Reach 100 days on My Fitness Pal


These 10 goals I hope will help me focus on different parts of my body as well give me more direction in regards to losing weight this round.


This Week : 

Ran once (whoops) , had 2 PT sessions 

Next week

Meal prep on sunday , Run 3x 

Wish me luck as I train for #wibblywobblywedding17 !


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