Day 22/100

Happy Sunday, I ended my day with an hour yoga session. I felt relaxed and felt like I released a lot of tension that I had been feeling . Not to mention my legs from skating appreciated as well. I have some interesting workouts planned for the week and I’m really happy with my eating […]

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Day 21 /100

Today was a yoga day. BUT I also did some ice skating! Yes I took Jeremy’s adorable nephew Ice skating and I had intentions of taking photos but I was busy trying to teach him to stand up on the ice. I’d say we skated for about 35 minutes. A good chunk of the time […]

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Day 19/ 100

Training day with Hailee . We squatted. Pause squats , standard squats mixed in with some arm work. Hooray for pull ups. I also went for a run today with Emilie. We did hill repeats. We broke Royal Oak up into 3 separate hills and repeated them 3 x. Making the 3rd repeat to go […]

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Day 18 / 100

Today was another yoga day . Followed by headaches and general discomfort. It also doesn’t help that I had a strange nights sleep. I’m hoping it will pass soon..since well I like sleeping . I also managed to go on a brisk walk today it felt good to be outside and getting some fresh air. […]

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Day 17/100

Today was personal training with Hailee . I can’t get over deadlifts and how much has form has changed. I really can feel all my muscles in my back activating and it seems like two seconds ago I was just training with the bar. We also began doing pause deadlifts. This is where you use […]

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