Day 1/100 (A Challenge for 2017)

Hello 2017

2016 was a great year (mostly) running highlights include running my fastest 5k in a relay in Ireland and running a total of 31 kilometres in one weekend just so I could get an extra medal.

I have taken a brief break from my running days after the fall classic in November. Part of this was needed as I accepted a contract job that was full time. My schedule was thrown in a loop and alongside my retail work I found myself very busy..very tired and unable to do a lot of things. Running was one of them.

Today I begin my new fitness and wellness challenge of 100 days. Having tried this before and only reaching 20 days I am now adding a blog element. I will blog everyday. (Barring my winter camp in which I am without internet for a few days)

I’m happy to report that despite my lack of running my personal training with weight focus has been amazing. I’m entering 2017 a stronger woman and am so looking forward to seeing my body change more then it has already (lost pounds and inches already)

The main goal? 30 minutes of fitness. A blog post , reflection and enjoying the journey. When I first started running it was such fun to explore the sport and test myself. I need to find this again. And I will! I will slip up. I won’t always want to. But that’s the whole point isn’t? Ultimately fitness has dramatically saved my mental health in so many ways. And this year I really plan to focus on my self care in more ways and running is just one way to do that.

Resolutions are hard no matter what time of year but like any goal I enjoy chronicling my experiences and sharing them .


So here we go :  Day 1/100

Walked for 2 hours to Stanley park and back. According to my garmin in that walk a lone I clocked about 15,000 steps. It was such a beautiful crisp day and I’m lucky to live in such a beautiful city. I woke up this morning I will admit unwell feeling dread and already worrying about how this year will turn out.

But a long walk alongside my friend Matt alleviated this feeling. Also i feel slightly sore given the amount of ice slips and the cold weather but I feel great regardless. I honestly could have kept walking longer but the sun was beginning to set and my stomach began grumbling at me so dinner seemed like a smart option.

A run would have been nice but a long walk seemed like a better way to start of this challenge. Baby steps. But as always being outside clears my head.

Until tomorrow




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