Day 2/100

Today was a busy day. I can already tell with this commitment much like any goal it’s the routine and structure that is the biggest challenge. But as I’ve said originally I want to share my ups and downs. At some point I plan to delve more into my eating habits . Besides the fact that my fitness pal streak is over 90 days. A new record ! Especially over Christmas no less.

I woke up slightly confused as I had to think for a moment of what day it is…the challenge when you recently end work and are on call for your other job. But after lying in bed for a moment I finally managed to recall that it is in fact Monday.

It’s brilliant sunshine in Vancouver and it’s cold. But much like Elsa the cold never bothered me anyway. However I could do without the ice. Even walking in it in good shoes is less then desirable

After running some errands with my dad and an interview I proceeded to put on my New Balance Summit’s and go for a brisk walk at Deer Lake. Truth be told I could run on at least one side of the lake since the snow was so packed down. But a walk with Jeremy was just lovely and I was seriously impressed with my shoes and the grip. Especially when heading back towards to the playground on the beach side.


It should be noted as well…that no matter what the signs say people still insist on walking out into the middle of the lake.

I haven’t decided how long my daily posts should be but I plan to explore this as my days progress. Wish me luck in the balancing act and of course send positive vibes as I try and figure out work!


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