Day 3/100 (Weight training and how that’s going)

I made of list of things to complete in my 25th year (end goal by May 2017) but hey it’s challenge so I can do as I please. A lot of these tasks were fitness related 5k 10k , some were more trivial (watch every best picture winner movie, test for my licence, bake a cake)

One goal is be able to squat my bodyweight

At my heaviest I am over 190 pounds. Like any normal person i struggle with nutrition. With this 100 day laser focus I hope to make a serious dent in that again. I was vegetarian for 6 years and when properly motivated I can say no. It’s just hard and that’s ok. . My hope is to be able to squat at least 165 if not more. I know I’ve rambled on here before about it and will continue to do so but here’s hoping with my new passion planner I can work some meal prep (and cooking love) into my life. Anyone who knows me that I dislike cooking and go to great lengths to avoid doing it.

I began training with hailee in october. I took the plunge and bought personal training, I had some money saved there was a good promotion and I told myself if I really wanted to do this I would need to work at it. Weight lifting is awesome and I admire anyone who can do it…but with my goal I wanted proper training and to avoid injury. The training has been great since the last few months have been quite a roller coaster with work and I’m hoping to at least keep working with her till April.

Since Hailee and I started I can not only squat 125 I can dead lift more. I am so grateful for our sessions and we’ve now really committed to eating better (focusing on macros and making sure I actually drink enough water)

Today’s workout was 50 minutes long and was mostly deadlifts finishing with a circuit of running and situps. It was tough but awesome.

I picked up some Vega energiser and am feeling great about where my weight training is at. That being said my arms feel like jelly but it’s a good kind of jelly I promise


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