Day 4/100

Today I woke up sore and with arms that felt heavier then they actually are. A good kind of sore mind you. But with that and my jelly arms I opted for 35 minutes of yoga.

I downloaded a yoga app and proceeded to try and hold poses while as well focusing on the mental side of the sport and clearing my mind. It felt nice to pull my matt out again too. Yoga was a sport I was into a few years ago my mum and I even went together for a few months. But cost and time stopped me from going. Just another activity that I would love to do more of if I could honestly find a studio close to me.

I will be honest I was in a foul mood most of today and couldn’t seem to shake it and it’s these moods that make me want to workout even less. So even though Yoga isn’t always the most sweat inducing workout I definitely felt more relaxed and my muscles felt better too.

In particular my hip flexors which have been rather tight since focusing on my squatting .

I will also mention that chasing my beavers is quite the active sport but I don’t think I’ve ever had to chase them for more then a few minutes at a time. Maybe at some point we’ll do that as a game.

Until then Yoga works just fine!


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