Day 5/100

Today was a training day with Hailee.

We did squats with a variety of weights finishing with 135 pounds. (WOOO SO MUCH !) I cannot get over how strong I’ve become . We ended the workout with some planking which I despise. I can remember having to plank all the time in Tae Kwon Do and at my best I could plank for almost 2 minutes. I still dislike it but it really is one of the best exercises you can do for your core

Not to mention today was my best eating today. Minus some chocolate I managed to avoid overeating. I also started using Vega sport energiser . I use to drink all the time before races.

I don’t wanna use it all the time but it’s fun to experiment with this sort of stuff.

I’m still trying to play around with my schedule and how I wanna continue this challenge. A rest day seems important and I think Saturday will be that for me. Because in theory that’s always a hard day for me to train because if I’m not working I’m usually at camp. That being said I feel like yoga or brisk walking can be a perfect substitute.

I’m feeling good internet. In just a few days my mood has really only shifted once. Overall I’m feeling strong confident and with proper focus I can really make some big changes this year. Wish me luck as always !


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