Day 6/100 (1st Run of 2017)

For a few days I’ve been saying “I should run” over and over again in my head. Today I finally did.

It was short 30 minutes (well 27 minutes followed my 3 minutes of stretching because my hip flexors are tight too much sitting!) but it’s done and it’s the beginning of being my happy running self again.

It’s also a painful reminder to please shovel your sidewalks. I wore my New Balance Summit shoes which although they are trail shoes they are rigid and have better grip then the saucony guide’s that I am currently sporting.

It was hard. I felt out of breathe and found myself wanting to go faster but just couldn’t . But I didn’t feel sore , my shoes were great and I didn’t fall. So I’d call that a success. Not to mention Bluetooth headphones are amazing and if you are debating buying a pair I highly suggest you do so asap. Talk about freedom! #nomoretangling

I feel good. Tired but good . My mood was instantly lifted post run and it’s a very important reminder as to why I run in the first place. Also the snow managed to hold off so although it was cold it was cloudy and not too windy


It’s my first saturday off in 2017 who knew I’d get so lucky in the new year?


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