Day 7/100

Today I went out for a lovely brisk walk to Trout Lake and along the drive. Not the most active session but it was great to get out and see an actual frozen lake in Vancouver. It’s been at least 20 years since that happened .

Not to mention as always walking on ice is always extra fun. But then again I love the cold and winter overall so I’m easy to please.

I feel slightly stiff from my run the day before but that’s good. My toes are happy too since I’ve been running in new shoes and I’m always slightly worried about size especially when trying a new brand. Generally you go up half size in running shoes depending on a fit.

That being said I almost consistently wear a 9.5 in all my shoes now simply because my second toe is longer then my big toe. It’s quite common actually. I also prefer a bit more room in my shoes since I tend to shift a lot in my shoes especially when trying to watch my footing .

Felt good about my food choices today despite indulging on a coffee but I went for a small. Because I’m finding lately I can’t seem to finish a medium anymore.

Stay tuned as always internet

(Apologies for the delay I need to work on scheduled publishing seems there was an issue on my end!)


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