Day 8/100 (1 week down)

I woke up this morning after an awful sleep. I have no idea what happened but I didn’t fall asleep till after 2am. Thank goodness for friends in the UK who are able to face time with me and help me fall asleep.

With this my yoga session was rather rushed this morning since I went to church and would be spending the day with Mr Tall (Jeremy) and his family.

I’m glad I got it done but I wish I had done at least 45 minutes. But no matter it’s been done and I’m happy to report I am now down to 1 week in my challenge which makes me happy.

Not super thrilled with how I ate today. I could have said no the popcorn at the movies..but it was very tempting luckily I shared with Mr Tall so it’s not the end of the world.

I’m happy with how I’m doing so far.

Trying to focus on little goals, recognising those achievements and taking it a day at a time. It’s all you can do but it really makes for a better long term success. I want to be able to look back at the end of this challenge and see some habits form.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

And may the force be with you

(Saw Star Wars and second time..what can I say i’m sucker for space ships!)


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