Day 9/100 (Food Transformation)


It’s hard. No doubt but I am so focused on being honest here about my food struggles here we go.

Yesterday I not only eat terribly I didn’t eat enough. I don’t have a reason. But despite my yoga session (by the app is called Down Dog if you’re interested !) I know deep down no amount of exercise is going to make a difference.

I’m not about to share a bunch of memes about abs in the kitchen, but a BIG chunk of mental health management is about food.

So 100 days…that’s about 14 weeks (I had to google and count don’t judge me!) So I figure 15 habits that help me eat better over that time? 1 a week basically. Totally reasonable

This week it’ll be too since i started today. Monday is always a better day for me to focus. #motivationalmonday

So this weeks habits are

1- Water. No carbonation whatsoever 

2- No food/snacks after 8pm

So why these first? I’ll tell you!

Water is about hydration. I don’t like headaches and most often when you think you might be hungry might actually be thirsty. But my focus is being well hydrated as I workout and sweat. Don’t forget the electrolytes of course. Not to mention I don’t need pop. Even when I drink I go for a Gin and Tonic which is bubbly and even then it’s like …meh. So starting this week. It’s water and tea. I have lots of tea. It’s wonderful


The food snack habit is just to avoid late night eating. Not to mention it’s to help me focus on getting a good nights rest. Crucial to exercise mental health and overall well being.

So I plan to now add this into my daily posts

  • -how much water did I have?
  • did I managed to avoid snacking?

As I continue to expand I’ll share other habits

Got an idea for a healthy food habit? Please share! I’m always open to ideas besides of what I come across pinterest


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