Day 12/100

Today was a Personal Training day with Hailee. It’s 50 minutes of strength training…and getting my butt kicked

Also happy note I DROVE TO THE GYM AND IT WAS SO LIBERATING. Also I parked faraway so I would walk more.

My favourite machine at the gym is the rowing machine. First off I feel like Kevin Spacey in House of Cards whenever it gets intense. Second it’s a great way to warm up without a treadmill or biking

Treadmill running is rather hard for me but a nice option. I must admit I always feel like a cartoon character waiting to fall flat on my face. and yet I run outside like no problem.

Today was the start of a new program. So besides our usual squat training we did some work on my triceps which is awesome..because I have no arm muscle. Even at my fittess with Tae Kwon Do in High School Push ups were still a challenge.

Healthy Habit 1

I drank SO MUCH water today. LIKE RIDICULOUSLY so much water . And feel so great for it.

Healthy Habit 2 

Managed to avoid snacking late and ate 3 square meals with small snacks. So success!

Feeling positive, feeling motivated. Just overall feeling great

I will admit I’m feeling anxious given my new found freedom with my licence but I know this will pass with time. For that I am grateful



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