Day 13/100

One of biggest challenges is my own mind. (The joys of mental health I promise to share more on here at some point but today is not that day)

I did my routine of yoga but yet that didn’t feel like enough but unfortunately the blerch that is my mind said I couldn’t be bothered and what was the point?

It’s not the worst day by far and my healthy habit of water was fine…but the other challenge today was eating. I barely ate today. Not because I didn’t want to but because my stomach was in knots and then I found myself feeling rather unwell even if I did eat.

This was a major discovery when I first began going to therapy for my anxiety. I had NO idea there was such physical symptoms (stomach pains and more things that I would not share with the internet but I’m sure you get what I’m implying) for the longest time I would blame it on my lactose intolerance. I’ve noticed this can last days as well. It’s not fun but it’s also why I’m so nutrition focused.

It’s also why I found myself sleeping unwell too..I really do need to make that a healthy habit at some point. Maybe for next week .

Until then I shall be trying to relax and getting my stomach to settle.


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