Day 16/100 (The First Slip up)

So today.

I had plans to run.

But turns out I wouldn’t do any exercise today. It’s the first day since I started my goals that I wasn’t active for 30 minutes.

I was initially mad that the day seemed to slip away from me but ultimately I wasn’t feeling a run or yoga or even a brisk walk. I knew this was bound to happen at some point in my challenge. We all feel this way at the start of the year when we set a workout goal and as soon as something goes wrong..we just give up instantly . Even most 100 day challenges encourage a rest day. But like anything my goal is to TRY and exercise everyday if I can. Life happens but if I can even hit 75 days out of 100 at this point…I’ll take it.

So going from here…it may happen again..but like anything I need to keep trying!

I’m happy to share however that I managed to avoid snacking late and drank water like it was going out of style.

I’m hoping for a better week ahead.


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