Day 19/ 100

Training day with Hailee .

We squatted. Pause squats , standard squats mixed in with some arm work. Hooray for pull ups.

I also went for a run today with Emilie. We did hill repeats. We broke Royal Oak up into 3 separate hills and repeated them 3 x. Making the 3rd repeat to go all out till to hurt. Needless to say I felt winded at the end…but hills overall make you a stronger runner! Activating different muscles, training to run harder as well was it’s great race prep . Emilie and I are running a few races together which I’m really looking forward to !

Hills are crucial to that but are substantially easier when you have a friend pushing beside you. I should also mention that it was raining hard…and dark when we did this making it all the harder to get our feet out the door but I’m grateful we accomplished it.

Not to mention I had a great water intake today and eating day . Minus a donut. SO CLOSE I’ll get better I promise.


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