Day 21 /100

Today was a yoga day.

BUT I also did some ice skating!

Yes I took Jeremy’s adorable nephew Ice skating and I had intentions of taking photos but I was busy trying to teach him to stand up on the ice. I’d say we skated for about 35 minutes. A good chunk of the time I was either racing his nephew or pushing him on a chair….and believe me that’s a workout.

Ice skating was so much fun for me in high school, I can still see myself on a friday night with my friends and we would all get together and do the drop in free skate. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s in my long term goals/bucket list to formally try ice skating lessons since..although I can skate fairly well I wish I had more control for stopping and could do some different things while gliding on the ice.

Either way I felt the ice skating in my legs when I got home that night. But in a good way of course.

Also it’s hard not to feel pretty while on the ice


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