An Arctic Adventure (But first I need your help!)

Hi there,

I promise to share a running post soon..but now for something completely different!

I already wrote this on facebook but I’m writing it here too. I love the cold as in I love winter camping. I even traveled to the arctic circle simply because of snow , bucket list dreams and getting as far north as possible.

So when I saw this contest..I told myself I needed to try and win! It’s pretty simple. You have to vote for me between now and December 14th. I can’t really tell how many are in the North America Region but not a lot…the current winner in that region is around 335 votes..and I have more then 1500 Facebook friends..( I think I got a pretty good shot…just saying)

The contest talks about videos but I’m not savvy that way..but I’m great with words!

Dog-sledding is another life dream of mine (bucket list doesn’t seem to be as relevant any more) in fact one my favourite childhood movies is Balto which is based off the events in rural Alaska that lead to the creation of the Iditarod ! So really it feels like this contest was made for me.

Basically I can win one of two ways.

  1. By getting the most votes by December 14th
  2. If i don’t get enough a jury will decide the first way seems easier.. 

The contest doesn’t specify if  you can vote everyday and I already voted for myself. But I’m relying on my social network and the power of sharing posts to help me. I’ve got 28 days. I will remind you let’s make em count. The worst is that I don’t win..and hey you don’t know unless you try!

I’m asking for your help friends. Please vote share this post and help me try and win this ridiculous prize. The link is below :

Official voting page for Melissa!  


Thanks in advance friends. I owe you one!



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