2018 : The Year of Less

Less? What do you mean? Well let me tell you.

A lot has changed since I last wrote and a lot hasn’t! The big one is I moved out from parents. (Yay millenial challenges..) and now live with Mr Tall. With moving I came to the realisation of much stuff I had acquired in my life. I have done A LOT of purging but my big 2018 goal? Is to buy less. I don’t need every tube of lipstick that’s on sale. I don’t need a physical copy of every new YA book …well wait..maybe I do if the hardcover is on sale BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT. I want to save money and have less things and really make a concerted effort to use the things I already have. Once I deplete my make up stock..then I can buy more… but for now I don’t need to.

I did next to no running in December and would advise you to never move during the holiday season if you can avoid it. I was a ball of stress and I am continually greatful for Mr Tall for being very patient as I try figure things out. Christmas came and went. I had family in hospital but they are home now so that’s a deep sigh of relief.

I completed the polar bear swim at Centennial beach and worked out at the gym lifting weights and enjoy the most amazing pop punk playlist.

I have my usual running goals. I have some races I’d like to commit to …Turkey Trot is a must, west van run, not sure about bmo..as I am currently toying with the idea of running a Marathon this fall…

I turn 26 this year and with that I would love to hit 26 miles (but let’s be real…it’s 42KM because I refuse to run in imperial measurements…)

Blerch is September…so why not just go for it? Well mostly because Seawheeze is now in the fall as well and in a dream world..I could do both but ….life money and other priorities….

So until then stay tuned. Otherwise my hope is to run lots, workout lots and just focus on feeling fit and well.

But don’t worry I have another project that you can follow along.

For as long as I can recall I’ve despised cooking. I find no joy in preparing food. I just prefer to eat. In fact I’ve made the remark that I will marry someone who will cook money is nice..but food is forever !

I have now decided 2018 will be the year that I try and reverse my negativity towards cooking and in turn make it fun and somewhat enjoyable.

Mr Tall is going to teach me and help document (well reluctantly…he likes to cook he’s not one for the social medias)

Please feel free to follow this Journey on instagram at : @idontcook_ijusteat. I’ll be creating posts here so instagram is great but i like to form and share more thoughts across here!

What’s something I should learn to cook internet? Your input is appreciated.


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