I Don’t Cook, I Just Eat #1 : Breakfast for Dinner

My bffl Emilie asked me last week “I don’t understand..HOW DID YOU GET THROUGH SCOUTS?”

This is a perfectly valid question. One of the key skills you can take away is cooking. I did cook in scouts..but on mass and certain meals. One meal in particular I can cook well is breakfast but even then I am limited. Jeremy and I were gifted  a Waffle Maker this Christmas…so with that we decided to test it out.

We used Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Waffle and Pancake mix. #basic but I don’t even care. I love me some pumpkin. We then used up leftover ham for some scrambled eggs and half a grapefruit each.




Not bad. I’m proud of my waffle skills ….I’ll work on plating for better photos. My next goal is proper pancakes and waffles without a mix. But maybe with some added cinnamon…I just love the spice flavour its subtle but yummy!

Thanks to Jeremy for being patient as I panicked about overcooking our dinner. (nobody wants Cajun waffles!)


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