I don’t cook , I just eat #2 : Grilled Cheese & Pesto Pasta

Mr Tall and I celebrated 1 month of cohabitating so we celebrated with fancy grilled cheese. Seems fair given my nickname is Cheezie and it all goes back to this food anyway. Fancy how? 3 different types of cheese, garlic butter with chili flakes and we even splurged on nice sourdough bread.


The only thing I’d do different is one at a time as they were a little blackened. maybe even smaller too! It was a lot of cheese..and I am lactose so pacing myself and all that! But I loved the chili flakes giving it a bit of heat.


That weekend my two bffls came over . If you wondering Bffl is Best friend for FREAKING life. There is technically a 3rd f it’s just smaller…

Emilie and Serena suggested a simple pesto pasta dish. So I learned how to make that using a food processor. This was great since I’m somewhat comfortable with pasta already but can slowly expand on the dish. Most of my current cooking goals revolve on staples. Staple dishes for various reasons but like anything can be adjusted based on the occasion and crowd.

My only complaint? JUST MORE OF IT. It turned out really well. Thanks to them both for the support and ingredients.



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