Up & Running (A quick update)

I haven’t done much running. Last year due to a blood clot I had to back out of the West van 10k. Fortunately being familiar with race organiser I asked if I could defer my registration by 1 year given my situation.

It was then decided that since Serena’s birthday was on the day of the 5k we would run together and just have some fun. This would be a wise decision as I have been a the doctors every week since the end of January getting treated for a plantars wart.

I know. It’s lame. But they are INCREDIBLY painful. I thought I had given myself a blister from bad socks. but turns out…that was not the case.

I am happy to share however that it is officially gone. My foot is no longer and in pain and I’m working my way back towards my running self

Running the West Van 5k I forgot just how much fun running can be. Fitness is not always pretty but it brings me such joy some days. Not to mention running with my two best friends (or BFFLS as I prefer) made for an amazing day overall.

In fact I felt so good I went got my nose pierced afterwards.

So what now? I am debating another run streak to reboot myself again and focus on just getting out there and forming habit. But April is going to a very busy month despite my lack of birthday celebrations.

As far as races? Emilie , Serena and I all managed to get into the Seawheeze lottery which is freaking amazing.

I’m debating blerch again…it’s the week before Seawheeze. Turkey Trot is a must. I’d like to run some trail races as well just need to replace my shoes at some point.

I’d like to also take a moment to say thank you Emilie and Serena for pushing me along the 5k as I doubted myself but ended up crossing the finish line in under 40 minutes. I will get faster with time but it was fun to run as party girls


// westvan5kbffls.jpg


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