40 statements

Today is Good Friday and the end of Lent. I began participating in lent after Ivo passed away in 2012. Truth be told that the concept of Lent has always intrigued me. Giving up or abstaining from something for a certain amount of time and in that time reflecting on what that means.

I have given up dairy properly , pop, I focused on cleaning and getting rid of an item each day. This year I chose 2 very hard things. Facebook…and alcohol. Fun fact alcohol is the number one thing people give up…after candy. In fact there are many lists out there that suggest other things you can do during Lent, since the other side is to focus on giving back to your community. Here I have 40 thoughts on Lent this year.



  1. It was easy to give up drinking.
  2. It was not easy to give up facebook
  3. I am painfully aware of much time I waste on the app even after 48 hours I noticed how much time i spent on it..just in taking transit and on my lunch break
  4. It felt very strange to host a housewarming party and not drink in my own home.
  5. This was made more strange by the fact that I received alcohol as a gift
  6. I listened to more music. By that I found myself thinking about bands I used to like and recalling that.
  7. I read more. I began to enjoy my audio-books more.
  8. I also noticed a spike in my Netflix content.
  9. I was worried I would turn more to other social media outlets.
  10. Twitter is as addictive..but I find unlike Facebook i lose interest and don’t spend as much time
  11. The same can be said for Instagram. I love my photos but it’s not the same for me.
  12. I wrote in my journal more.
  13. My phone battery is lasting longer
  14. I find myself less irritated
  15. I experienced FOMO. (Fear of Missing Out)when friends talked about things they saw or shared.
  16. I never realised how much I relied on Facebook to keep up to speed with concerts and events.
  17. I wish it wasn’t so ingrained into my life.
  18. I found myself aware of how much we just sometimes sit and play on our phones. I do that a lot and for that I am sorry.
  19. My morning routine is faster and it’s a habit I hope to keep up.
  20. I did find myself missing fitness things. Social media is a good/bad way to keep myself accountable.
  21. The giving up of alcohol is not something I have done before because I used to wonder about how easy or hard it would be.
  22. Going out and not drinking can be just as fun. Just has to be the right people and you have to be the right head space.
  23. I’ve saved a fair amount of money just from giving that up alone.
  24. I also have become aware of much I go out to have drinks and sometimes that’s great and sometimes it’s not.
  25. It’s lead to some interesting conversations about drinking , habits and how we all interact.
  26. I’ve spent the last 40 days reflecting about this year and what’s to come in 2018
  27. Despite the dislike of facebook some days it really is the only way i stay in touch with scouting friends who are scattered about the globe!
  28. Going forward I’m making stricter rules as far as social media during the week and trying hard at home to focus on being in my home and being present.
  29. With all this the new snapchat update is still awful…
  30. I have gone through my phone and the photos I took last month instead of searching on facebook. Something I think I need to think about more
  31. I’m glad I could still use messenger but I’m also thinking I may just start using whatsapp more since it’s a nicer platform
  32. In this time I thought about the friends I see, don’t see and how can I rectify that. Facebook eliminates a lot of barriers as far as keeping in touch with people
  33. I personally enjoyed having to tell Jeremy how to do certain things on facebook and check things when it came to certain social commitments.
  34. It felt weird to not share things right away online. This month I got my nose pierced a new tattoo and it took me awhile before I was like “oh hey the internet can know about this now” , once again i realise how much I share online.
  35. Pinterest is fun but once again not as addictive as other sites.
  36. With this I have gathered there is a data scandal with facebook and I feel awkward but i also write here and share my life..so I’ve eliminated my privacy in a lot of ways. But I’m okay with that for the most part.
  37.  Despite my lack of Facebook I won 3 prizes…a peak performance and two early screenings of movies (every day was good movie, ready player one was a solid 6/10)
  38. My mood is less irritable. With algorithms I want to see certain things, certain friends and instead of surfing Facebook…I just message them or texted them. Not exactly the same but a bit better.
  39. I am already trying to think of something equally challenging for next year. Even my grandmother commented how it was bold of me to give up 2 things!
  40. I have spent a lot of this Lent explaining..what lent is, why I do it and why it’s important to me. I’m really thankful for all my friends who respect my beliefs , choices and honestly just have fun teasing me since you know this was a challenge for me.




Thanks for reading as always internet. Have a lovely Easter Weekend.


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