I don’t cook I just eat #3 : Sunday Supper Club

Earlier this year Jeremy and I began the tradition of Sunday Supper Club. Once a month we gather to enjoy a nice meal with our chosen family (close friends) . Rules are pretty simple :

  1. Must have a home that can host.
  2. There must be a vegan option.

Many today turn their noses up when they hear the word vegan. Personally I know for a fact that all my vegan friends have super powers thus the commitment to this lifestyle. Othervise the vegan police will come after you. Additionally I try very hard to limit my dairy and veganism has lots of options. I’ve recently discovered coconut yoghurt and oh man that’s a game changer.

When triyng to decide what to cook it was suggested to focus on a dish that we can cut up and serve. Previously tacos , pizza and curry have been done already. Pizza was logistically the easiest for serving. Curry wasn’t too bad as it was paired with rice but the burritos were a bit challenging since you can customize your fillings.

I adore comfort food and one my favourites is Lasagna. My dad does an excellent job of making it. According to him it’s the recipe he’s used since high school home ec and he just makes his own sauce. So I thought why not have that? It’s great to serve as a nice dinner and we can pair it with salad and garlic bread.

The recipe for the Lasagna comes from Oh She Glows. The biggest challenge was the cashew “cheese”. It’s suppose to imitate ricotta but since it’s not real cheese it doesn’t spread the same. Jeremy and I struggled to maintain even layers while not destroying lovely lasagna noodles.

The recipe calls for the added option of veggie round to imitate meat which I definitely would like to try next time. Either way the daiya cheese on top melted perfectly and this meal reheated quite nicely. Previously I’ve used daiya and it hasn’t always cooperated but this time it melted quite well on top giving the dish a nice crunchy taste.

We started with garlic bread which is olive oil garlic rosemary thyme chili flakes all sprinkled on top. I personally prefer this over butter since I managed to eat several pieces and not feel so full once we moved onto the main course.

The Cesar salad recipe comes from Thug Kitchen. I personally love how strong the garlic is in this and the dressing also keeps well. Plus there is no greater taste then real home made croutons! The Thug kitchen book has been a staple in Jeremy’s vegan cooking adventures and is quite funny with the language of “eating like you give a F*ck”

All the foods were a huge hit and I treated our guests to some vegan desserts from a specialty bakery called Edible Flour. I would highly recommend and the smores bar they make. I do hope Jeremy and I get to host again soon , preferably in the fall/winter as I’d love to try more comfort dishes as well as some kind of hearty dessert.



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