Melissa in a Nutshell

So some quick facts

  • I’m 25 years old. Currently on the longest streak of not colouring my’s been 2 years as I’m trying to grow it out before making anymore dramatic changes
  • When I’m not running I’m part of Scouting. I volunteer with Beavers and have been fortunate through the Rover program with some travel and an exciting trips
  • I love red lipstick way too much. I discovered how much I liked wearing it after I graduated high school. It’s rare to see me without it.
  • I took up running in the summer of 2012. My story? My partner at the time an aspiring para-athelete suggested running. June that year was a big shift for me so I decided now was the best time to try out running. I ran 5 minutes hard and spent the next 20 walking trying to catch my breathe. 2 months later I ran 10k, next year I ran a half marathon…the rest is history!
  • I think Pink Floyd is amazing. Especially the Wall. It’s why my previous online handles were “floydfillsmyvoid”
  • I am a full time Communications Assistant. Essentially I write a lot and manage youth spokespeople for SC. It’s quite lovely. I recently retired my retail queen status but I’m always happy to talk shop when it comes to shoes!
  • #teammrtall is how I share my posts about my partner. We met through OkCupid because I flippantly added “You should message me if you’re 6’5 and a half” …I really didn’t think it would work let alone introduce me to such an awesome guy!


That’s all for now!


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