Day 15/100

Today I worked again so I managed to work a longer yoga session before driving into work. This was a great benefit since being a New Driver I’m experiencing a bit of anxiety still but the meditation and relaxation of yoga allows me to clear my head and enter the car a lot more calmly! […]

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Day 11/100

Today was a yoga day. I was feeling rather tight from the gym and rather fraught with nerves . I decided an hour of yoga with meditation was the best course of action. I’m hoping after a consistent month of this I can start working on my flexibility more! Maybe even go so far as […]

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Day 4/100

Today I woke up sore and with arms that felt heavier then they actually are. A good kind of sore mind you. But with that and my jelly arms I opted for 35 minutes of yoga. I downloaded a yoga app and proceeded to try and hold poses while as well focusing on the mental […]

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Day 2/100

Today was a busy day. I can already tell with this commitment much like any goal it’s the routine and structure that is the biggest challenge. But as I’ve said originally I want to share my ups and downs. At some point I plan to delve more into my eating habits . Besides the fact […]

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The Final Stretch

An update on how things have been since June. (Fun fact I was at Jamboree for July!) I’ve lost 2 more pounds I haven’t measured inches yet but my clothes are telling me good things! Packed lunches and my nalgene are my new best friend I fell off track with my 100 day challenge but […]

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