Day 15/100

Today I worked again so I managed to work a longer yoga session before driving into work.

This was a great benefit since being a New Driver I’m experiencing a bit of anxiety still but the meditation and relaxation of yoga allows me to clear my head and enter the car a lot more calmly!

The healthy habit of water was accomplished today and although my stomach was still bothering me. Jeremy and I managed to have a semi healthy dinner while watching Netflix.

I’m hoping my stomach and nerves settle soon since it’s getting to be a bit of nuisance.


Day 11/100

Today was a yoga day. I was feeling rather tight from the gym and rather fraught with nerves . I decided an hour of yoga with meditation was the best course of action. I’m hoping after a consistent month of this I can start working on my flexibility more! Maybe even go so far as to attempt some crazy poses..

Turns out it was exactly what I needed as my nerves were slightly calmer and I managed to successfully pass my driving test. (I plan to write more about this another time..but it’s a LONG story so I’ll save that for another time)

I’m liking my routine so far. I obviously need to work in more running but I’m enjoy my varied intensity when it comes to working out. And I can tell you now my mood is way better. I’m hoping with a bit more time my sleep will start improving too. I find myself being rather wound lately as I go to sleep. That’s usually after reading too…

Healthy Habit 1

Managed to slip up at dinner with Jeremy and ordered an ice tea. But otherwise I managed to drink water all day!

Healthy Habit 2

Success! We saw a movie that started at 7 and I didn’t eat anything once the movie began . Let’s see if I can keep the streak going


Day 4/100

Today I woke up sore and with arms that felt heavier then they actually are. A good kind of sore mind you. But with that and my jelly arms I opted for 35 minutes of yoga.

I downloaded a yoga app and proceeded to try and hold poses while as well focusing on the mental side of the sport and clearing my mind. It felt nice to pull my matt out again too. Yoga was a sport I was into a few years ago my mum and I even went together for a few months. But cost and time stopped me from going. Just another activity that I would love to do more of if I could honestly find a studio close to me.

I will be honest I was in a foul mood most of today and couldn’t seem to shake it and it’s these moods that make me want to workout even less. So even though Yoga isn’t always the most sweat inducing workout I definitely felt more relaxed and my muscles felt better too.

In particular my hip flexors which have been rather tight since focusing on my squatting .

I will also mention that chasing my beavers is quite the active sport but I don’t think I’ve ever had to chase them for more then a few minutes at a time. Maybe at some point we’ll do that as a game.

Until then Yoga works just fine!


Day 3/100 (Weight training and how that’s going)

I made of list of things to complete in my 25th year (end goal by May 2017) but hey it’s challenge so I can do as I please. A lot of these tasks were fitness related 5k 10k , some were more trivial (watch every best picture winner movie, test for my licence, bake a cake)

One goal is be able to squat my bodyweight

At my heaviest I am over 190 pounds. Like any normal person i struggle with nutrition. With this 100 day laser focus I hope to make a serious dent in that again. I was vegetarian for 6 years and when properly motivated I can say no. It’s just hard and that’s ok. . My hope is to be able to squat at least 165 if not more. I know I’ve rambled on here before about it and will continue to do so but here’s hoping with my new passion planner I can work some meal prep (and cooking love) into my life. Anyone who knows me that I dislike cooking and go to great lengths to avoid doing it.

I began training with hailee in october. I took the plunge and bought personal training, I had some money saved there was a good promotion and I told myself if I really wanted to do this I would need to work at it. Weight lifting is awesome and I admire anyone who can do it…but with my goal I wanted proper training and to avoid injury. The training has been great since the last few months have been quite a roller coaster with work and I’m hoping to at least keep working with her till April.

Since Hailee and I started I can not only squat 125 I can dead lift more. I am so grateful for our sessions and we’ve now really committed to eating better (focusing on macros and making sure I actually drink enough water)

Today’s workout was 50 minutes long and was mostly deadlifts finishing with a circuit of running and situps. It was tough but awesome.

I picked up some Vega energiser and am feeling great about where my weight training is at. That being said my arms feel like jelly but it’s a good kind of jelly I promise


Day 2/100

Today was a busy day. I can already tell with this commitment much like any goal it’s the routine and structure that is the biggest challenge. But as I’ve said originally I want to share my ups and downs. At some point I plan to delve more into my eating habits . Besides the fact that my fitness pal streak is over 90 days. A new record ! Especially over Christmas no less.

I woke up slightly confused as I had to think for a moment of what day it is…the challenge when you recently end work and are on call for your other job. But after lying in bed for a moment I finally managed to recall that it is in fact Monday.

It’s brilliant sunshine in Vancouver and it’s cold. But much like Elsa the cold never bothered me anyway. However I could do without the ice. Even walking in it in good shoes is less then desirable

After running some errands with my dad and an interview I proceeded to put on my New Balance Summit’s and go for a brisk walk at Deer Lake. Truth be told I could run on at least one side of the lake since the snow was so packed down. But a walk with Jeremy was just lovely and I was seriously impressed with my shoes and the grip. Especially when heading back towards to the playground on the beach side.


It should be noted as well…that no matter what the signs say people still insist on walking out into the middle of the lake.

I haven’t decided how long my daily posts should be but I plan to explore this as my days progress. Wish me luck in the balancing act and of course send positive vibes as I try and figure out work!


Day 1/100 (A Challenge for 2017)

Hello 2017

2016 was a great year (mostly) running highlights include running my fastest 5k in a relay in Ireland and running a total of 31 kilometres in one weekend just so I could get an extra medal.

I have taken a brief break from my running days after the fall classic in November. Part of this was needed as I accepted a contract job that was full time. My schedule was thrown in a loop and alongside my retail work I found myself very busy..very tired and unable to do a lot of things. Running was one of them.

Today I begin my new fitness and wellness challenge of 100 days. Having tried this before and only reaching 20 days I am now adding a blog element. I will blog everyday. (Barring my winter camp in which I am without internet for a few days)

I’m happy to report that despite my lack of running my personal training with weight focus has been amazing. I’m entering 2017 a stronger woman and am so looking forward to seeing my body change more then it has already (lost pounds and inches already)

The main goal? 30 minutes of fitness. A blog post , reflection and enjoying the journey. When I first started running it was such fun to explore the sport and test myself. I need to find this again. And I will! I will slip up. I won’t always want to. But that’s the whole point isn’t? Ultimately fitness has dramatically saved my mental health in so many ways. And this year I really plan to focus on my self care in more ways and running is just one way to do that.

Resolutions are hard no matter what time of year but like any goal I enjoy chronicling my experiences and sharing them .


So here we go :  Day 1/100

Walked for 2 hours to Stanley park and back. According to my garmin in that walk a lone I clocked about 15,000 steps. It was such a beautiful crisp day and I’m lucky to live in such a beautiful city. I woke up this morning I will admit unwell feeling dread and already worrying about how this year will turn out.

But a long walk alongside my friend Matt alleviated this feeling. Also i feel slightly sore given the amount of ice slips and the cold weather but I feel great regardless. I honestly could have kept walking longer but the sun was beginning to set and my stomach began grumbling at me so dinner seemed like a smart option.

A run would have been nice but a long walk seemed like a better way to start of this challenge. Baby steps. But as always being outside clears my head.

Until tomorrow




The Final Stretch

An update on how things have been since June. (Fun fact I was at Jamboree for July!)

  • I’ve lost 2 more pounds
  • I haven’t measured inches yet but my clothes are telling me good things!
  • Packed lunches and my nalgene are my new best friend
  • I fell off track with my 100 day challenge but am determined to try and remain active leading up to the wedding

I am hoping in the next 28 days I can prove myself that I can stay on track when motivated. It’s so easy to cave. The bachlorette is coming up and there is always temptation. But it’s about making the right choices

With that I need to redirect my focus back to running.

I recently ran the Squamish Loggers Days 10k. It was a good run. Minus the blister . I ran with Emilie and even managed to convince Jeremy (or Mr Tall #teammrtall ) to run it.

2015-08-02 10.15.37

I completed the race in 1 hour 16 minutes. Compared to the West Van 10k I’m 2 minutes slower. I’m a lot of talk about getting faster and I do hope that I can push through that mental block.

2015-08-07 15.39.34

I’ve managed to get over it when it comes to my aversions to the gym. I need to really (and I do mean REALLY) embrace speed training and fighting past the doubt.

I have a 5k on the Horizon but otherwise I’m not running any more races till 2016. With that I hope to run 3 more half marathons next year. Not sure which ones yet but I really plan to sit down and figure out proper training and making sure i stick to it compared to last year.

This #buffbridesmaid isn’t done yet. Progress is progress. I will remain focused. I will not give up.


Also I will blog more before the wedding! I can’t wait to see how the dresses turn out! 🙂


The First 10 Days

I thought I’d write a short little update on how the first 10 days have gone. First off I’m so happy that I’ve managed to actually stay committed to this goal. Shout out to the lovely Cassandra Tracy who has been texting me and we’ve been checking in on each other.

See that? I can squat that on my back! Booyah!
See that? I can squat that on my back! Booyah!

Even though I only ran once last week and same with the gym. I did some at home workouts and even went for walks whilst on lunch at work. The sunshine is good for me despite my fair skin!

Can't believe I can now lift this weight too!
Can’t believe I can now lift this weight too!

So how are my goals?

  • Lunch packing goes well! and my water bottle has definitely been following me everywhere. or even my plastic cup
  • I have signed up for the Squamish 10k . Have even convinced Emilie to run it with me! (Now to convince Jeremy…!)
  • When I haven’t been at the gym, it’s been kettlebell workouts at home! Or dvd workouts! Every step and movement counts .

I’m feeling great internet. My depression is usually worse in the summer and it’s been a little rough but I think this 100 day challenge is definitely helping me keep it under control

Gym selfies. Not my best but I felt great after this workout!
Gym selfies. Not my best but I felt great after this workout!

I’m hoping for some more gym sessions before my next check in. I need to start speed training if I want to beat my 10k time from March ! I’m reading more about weight lifting on ways I can push myself even more. I’m thinking more squats, more weight, and different circuits.

Today is day 11 and I went to the gym first thing this morning. It was early I was tired from the weekend of work and celebrations (not sure if you heard but I kinda did this graduation thing from University!) But I still went. And even though the workout wasn’t amazing it was still better to have gone , then to have skipped . In fact I wanted to write this post yesterday but celebrations yesterday didn’t allow me time to sit down and write . But either way I haven’t wavered on this goal.

I am shutting the blerch down more then ever. I’m hoping for 2 more gym sessions this week and a couple runs as well. They have to be either really early morning or late evening however. Vancouver is experiencing unusual high heat and it makes running a touch challenging.

But no excuses. I’m hoping to take a photo this month and show some more progress! I will get under 170.



99 Days To Go!

Last year I made an attempt at a 100 day challenge. I am now using my buff bridesmaid goals to restart this challenge.

The goal? 30 minutes a day of physical activity

Running ,walking, cycling anything that gets me moving.

2015-05-08 07.04.07

As far as progress goes I am very close to getting under 170 pounds. (It’s been a challenge but this week I’ve managed to start some healthier habits)

My first habit is water. I’m usually pretty good about this but since my birthday I’ve been kind of bad. But luckily the current Heatwave Vancouver has been experiencing has made drinking water more a necessity then anything.

With that I am trying to restrict my diet more. What do I mean by that? I don’t just mean portion control I mean regular meal planning. For the past 2 weeks I’ve only bought lunch twice. I’ve embraced leftovers and small snacks and I know it will be awhile before I notice a change but I can see my bank account thanking me already!

I’ve also focused on limiting my dairy to one thing a day. I love cheese I really do but it’s nice to limit myself. My stomach definitely appreciates it.

Progress so far since January

Pounds down : 7

Inches : 5

2015-05-08 16.48.42

Not bad. But not great. However what I am happy about is my weight lifting. 15 pounds is finally feeling too comfortable and yours truly can now squat with a weighted bar on her back! I’m hoping if my schedule allows me I’m going to try and hire a trainer to help me with some more lofty goals in regards to weight lifting as well I’d like to try some gym classes to change things up a bit .

June Goals include :

  • Meal Planning , no more buying lunch !
  • Taking my waterbottle wherever I go
  • Gym twice a week, running twice a week (So far I’ve done that 2 weeks in a row!)
  • Signing up a race and refocusing my running!

2015-05-21 14.14.14


I caught myself in the mirror today and normally I find myself shying away but I couldn’t help but notice my legs we’re particularly muscly. I sometimes feel like my body is never going to catch up but I then found myself flexing my arms and noticing slight muscles.

My body is changing. I’m getting stronger.

But most important internet . I feel amazing. I am so much happier because that is the main goal with exercise is happiness! (Endorphins make you happy!)

Probably helps that I’m only a couple days from graduation too!

Stay tuned for a 100 day challenge update next week! I mean it this time!