Day 13/100

One of biggest challenges is my own mind. (The joys of mental health I promise to share more on here at some point but today is not that day)

I did my routine of yoga but yet that didn’t feel like enough but unfortunately the blerch that is my mind said I couldn’t be bothered and what was the point?

It’s not the worst day by far and my healthy habit of water was fine…but the other challenge today was eating. I barely ate today. Not because I didn’t want to but because my stomach was in knots and then I found myself feeling rather unwell even if I did eat.

This was a major discovery when I first began going to therapy for my anxiety. I had NO idea there was such physical symptoms (stomach pains and more things that I would not share with the internet but I’m sure you get what I’m implying) for the longest time I would blame it on my lactose intolerance. I’ve noticed this can last days as well. It’s not fun but it’s also why I’m so nutrition focused.

It’s also why I found myself sleeping unwell too..I really do need to make that a healthy habit at some point. Maybe for next week .

Until then I shall be trying to relax and getting my stomach to settle.


The Race to Kinvara

And so begins my recollection of my adventure in Ireland. I kept meaning to post this sooner but I kept having thoughts of OOO I forgot that…so here is my summary!


I packed the night before   and was given a lift to the airport by my gracious parents. (love you Boo Mum and Dad) I had attempted to pack everything in a carry on but ended up checking in luggage . I got through security quite quick and proceeded to acquire a starbucks dinner/lunch as I knew I would not be fed on this flight. The joys of flying within Canada

2016-07-21 08.08.29

The first flight was shorter or at least i felt short for 4 hours, I proceeded to race to the bathroom and then attempt to find my second gate. I quickly began recognising people as they were rocking the Kit shirts we all received in the mail. They were a lovely poly cotton and super comfy for travel! I met Jenny who was not only on my team but was my roomie for the duration of the trip!

The second flight? was pretty glorious for me I had a WHOLE row to myself. So I took all 3 pillows, john bear and two blankets and made myself a little bed. I managed to get a few hours of sleep and was also surprised by how short the flight was…..I always forget that flying from the centre of the universe is quicker then Vancouver.

We arrived 10:40 local time and proceeded to customers. the Response “wow that’s a short trip” “Yes I am aware” was funny…but also quite old as everyone had been making that joke when I had first mentioned the trip.

I got my luggage right away (others did not) and we proceeded to head to the bus! We all received our kits. This is where I felt like an Olympic athlete. All of the gear was in my size and put together for us! I loved the yellow colour . In particular my favourite item is the jacket .I felt so beautiful as I tried the gear on. We then got settled freshened up and then had a delicious late lunch

2016-07-20 11.48.14

A few of us then wandered into Dublin. We came across a running store and hit a pub. I forget that when you order a cider…they really mean a BIG glass of cider….at this point I hadn’t really slept so I was probably pushing almost 20 hours of being awake despite my sleeping on the plane.

After some more wandering and photos we then proceeded to the Guinness storehouse tour. You may not know this internet but I am in fact allergic to beer! But this was now my second time in Dublin and dammit I was going to try some! Luckily as part of the get a small taster glass in which you are given specific instructions on how to properly drink Guinness. Word to the wise Guinness is a very dark beer and is essentially a meal. So I couldn’t even finish the taster…but I can see the appeal (and had no major skin reaction..I know It’s really sexy isn’t it) and proceeded to share my remaining taster with Trey from the states…who was really stoked. We became besties after that.

2016-07-20 17.09.19

I will say the Guinness tour is really fun even if you aren’t into the beer since you learn all about the advertising the company has done and the history on how it’s made. Not to mention the amazing 360 view at the end from over top of the city!


With that we were rushed off to our fancy dinner..where Team Canada White would begin to plot our legs of the race. So at this point my mileage was quite low so I opted to run 2 shorter legs which worked out well since some of my teammates only wanted to run once! We were strategic in picking because we all agreed at the end of the day we wanted to enjoy the race.

The food was delicious, we all got a beer stein glass (I gave mine to Mr Tall!) and proceeded to get to know each other as well as our driver Paul.


I got up at 530am. I am a morning person internet. But anything before 6am I considering quite gross. I proceeded to apply all the body glide and then perfect my lipstick as Jenny and I geared up to check out and eat. Breakfast at the hotel was perfect. Lots of variety and loads of time before the race started. We checked out and then procceeded to our shuttles….when I say shuttles I mean then :

2016-07-21 06.27.52-1

There were tables and proper seats. There was food and drinks and CUPCAKES. I could not believe this was all for us. OH and wifi because tweeting is important. Least in my world anyway . We drove to the start took photos and then geared for the first runners to leave. I kept finding myself just shaking my head. We hadn’t even started running it and I couldn’t believe my surroundings.

I agreed to run twice that day on the shorter distances. I ran 3rd after Shelby who is a wicked amazing trail runner and just seemed to breeze past the other runners on some serious hills. I waited at the transition zone. My nerves started to hit me. Next thing I knew Shelby was coming around the corner with the wristband . I initially ran the wrong way but then got back on track and started my trek. There were some seriously steep hills but I kept pushing myself along. I found myself in awe of how many sheep there are ….like whose taking care of all these sheep?

Next thing I know I see Marc come up beside me…he ran everyone in all day. What a guy. He was such an encouragement because I found the last hill quite taxing…but turns out I ran my fastest 5k in quite sometime. Given everything…I was so shocked..and I had major runners high going on.

We did have some slip ups. Shelby got lost on his 2nd leg and we lost some time with it. And poor Alex was having some stomach issues. But my god what an amazing support system this team was.  Oh and 3 of my team mates jumped into a river…so that’s the thing! We had so much fun as each of us took turns running. Shannon was definitely the mum of our team and is my inspiration of what I hope to be running like as I get older. Seriously shes a beast.

Jenny and I also bonded a lot! She was an excellent roommate and I could not have lucked out better with her. So cheers to her for being such a great buddy!

Marc ran everyone in as I mentioned. Tyler was such a great captain and sprinter. I don’t think I can speak highly enough of my teammates. As well our driver and motorcycle driver.

The 2nd leg was quite flat. I felt stiffer just from sitting in the van but again I found a good stride and pace. I was alone at one point running alongside a river and just enjoying the quiet. Strange thought but my usual running places are quite crowded so it was nice to enjoy the serenity of the run.

CAWhite -6675.jpg

Also life goal achieved. I made it onto the Saucony snapchat story TWICE.

After my 2nd leg I enjoyed this cupcake and we finished in Kilkenny. We got massages drinks….i felt so pampered! (Also slightly in pain as you can see in this photo….)

2016-07-21 17.13.44

We enjoyed an amazing dinner at our hotel and went around all the tables and talked about the highlights of our day. I went to bed that night after some drinks and relaxation .


Another early wake up call. But before we ran we played Tourist! I finally can say I’ve been to the Cliffs of Moher and my god are they stunning. Even the drive there seemed beautiful. About 10 minutes of taking photos the rain started to roll in a bit…but Ireland in July is quite mild .

CAWhite -7159.jpg

We then began our start from Doolin. Today I would be running the very last stage of the race. Meaning I had to wait all day but I was ok with that! The landscape on this run was quite different compared to the countryside the day prior. We were right by the ocean..and the sun was out!

2016-07-22 09.48.40.jpg

We cheered . We laughed. And then it came time to my run. I was running in not quite a back alley but that’s what it felt like…and eventually I made it on to a main road (don’t worry people were directing traffic) -6664.jpg

I honestly found myself getting nervous every time cars came by simply because I was seeing them on the other side of the road. I came down a slight hill and there was my team! We had a Canada flag and all sorts of stuff alongside our team sign. Tyler made it clear that we crossed as a team ! Marc even ran in cowboy boots. I’d like to give a special shout out to Alex who was an excellent cheerleader as I found myself wanting to slow down but I was so close to the finish.


We then could see the finish line, we linked arms and crossed together. I could have cried and just about did. Massages drinks. We were done. The race was over.

Next thing you know we head to our hotel get changed and we head out to a traditional Irish dinner at bunratty castle which I would 100% recommend.  The food was excellent the dancing and singing were amazing and the staff just a riot to interact with. Everyone got finishers medal and the winners got plaques !

Some of my team partied. Some of us didn’t. But all of us toasted at dinner to our success and how much fun we had ! Also I believe almost every single person asked me in some variation “So do you just like live in red lipstick…because you had it on this entire time?” I was also asked on how I manage to keep it on so cleanly post run . What can I say? I like to run pretty!


I woke up the next day, finished packing and we then bussed back to the Dublin Airport. Shawn made for an excellent bus buddy as I attempted to nap on his shoulder. I honestly felt like a sponsored athlete as I walked through the Airport in all my saucony gear.  The flights home were decent and my parents were there waiting for me as I waited for my bags.


It’s been almost a month since the trip…and honestly it still doesn’t feel real. I have a lucky penny charm on my Pandora bracelet because I honestly had a lot of luck on my side going into this trip. 2016 has been an odd year and it really felt like things weren’t going my way. I met so many interesting people. I felt like the biggest nerd talking about running non stop but that’s why we all work in running retail. Because we have a passion and maybe even an obsession with the sport. Running enriches my life in so many ways and this trip is just one more reason. Not many people can say I’ve run across Ireland. Or parts of it anyway. The majority of people we spoke do locally were quite shocked that any person would attempt to do such a thing even in relay format.

Not to mention I’ve been consistently running every week since I’ve been home and still speed focused..! So huzzah!


But this trip couldn’t have come at a better time.

Thank you Saucony

Thank you Forerunners North Vancouver

Thank you Team Canada White

And thanks to all my friends who continue to support my running online and offline


Defining Success

This is going to be a reflective post so please bare with me.

We are currently 5 months into 2016 and although this is a running blog this blog is also a platform for me to share my voice. Be it in the running world or otherwise. So please allow me to ramble about some of my challenges.

I’ve alluded to my job hunting on here which hasn’t been going as I anticipated. I’ve also been sick twice in the last month. I normally never get sick and I even had to miss work which I dislike doing but sharing germs is not part of the Beaver Scout motto!

With all this I was trying to use running as an escape to clear my head and really focus on the positive things in my life. Because lately it has felt like the universe was really testing me

My only major brag is I’ve had more gym sessions this year even with my #buffbridesmaid project last year. A special shoutout to Nick Gill for all the hard work he has put in to lose weight and finish the sun run ! So I already feel stronger this year and I plan to gym even more and work on dead lifts….wish me luck!

2016-03-29 12.37.09

I started out this year with strong hopes for the Sun Run but I wasn’t any faster . However i wasn’t the slowest I’ve ever been. In fact I just managed to have fun running the first 1k with Mr Tall and then meeting him at the end amongst the thousands of people running.

2016-04-17 15.44.37

Leading up to BMO I seriously considered deferring to next year. But something inside of me said not to. I had a lot of conversations the next few days about how personal running is and doing your best. And of course most of all judgement. With sport there is competition. One of the things I love about running is how you can compete against yourself. The sport is really what you make it and I don’t think running is unique in that respect.

2016-04-30 08.52.58.jpg

So why was I getting so hung up on how I didn’t train? It was my own fault so instead of dwelling on it..I worked on the mantra of finishing strong and injury free. As long as I could do that then I could focus on the next race and what that looks like for me. Yes I want to be faster of course but what is faster to me? I need to properly define these goals and form routine. At the end of the day this is my running journey and I have to remind myself of this when trying to overcome hurdles. Be it speed or otherwise.

With the word routine I noticed that was my intial challenge. I have a fair amount of free time with only one part time job no schooling and only some Scouting commitments. So I could have planned someone or normally thrives on time management my mental health over job hunting seemed to take over my life. Something that I need to stop from happening this summer.

So BMO happened. I woke up early ran when I could. Walked when I had to. I admired how beautiful Vancouver is and had fun just watching the people around me. I was over 3 hours but I finished strong, upright, injury free…and best of all. NO SUNBURN! That in itself is worth so much! #teamporcelain. And I realised that I wasn’t the only one struggling I ended up chatting with a lot of people around me who also struggled this training cycle leading up to the race. So this was a nice reminder that we all wish we could do better but ultimately you can learn from each race and what you would do differently.

2016-05-01 17.57.35.jpg

This summer isn’t just about speed. It’s about the mental side of running and breaking through that blerch . But don’t worry…I’ll beat it again in September.

Today I went for my 1st run post race and I felt so springy in my new shoes. I’m already trying to figure out regular run days and gym days and most of all just trying to enjoy the experience. Gotta sort out some 5ks and 10ks to build with but once that’s set out I should be ready by September.

I will run strong. I will run faster. Most of all I will run happy and beat the blerch that is my slow steady running.


New Year , Similar Goals

In 2013 I ran the Sun Run then BMO. I had only run 1 10k prior but already I was addicted to training for events and running them. I think that’s honestly what I love about running so much is the individuality of the sport.

You run your own race. You compete against yourself. If that’s what interests you.

So it’s now 2016. I’m running again and it’s not perfect but I’m pushing myself more. The mental block of speed work.

Hill repeats along with tempo runs with friends shall really help. Also hoping to run with my partner more who is a foot taller then me..therefore forcing me to quicken my pace. I’m also trying to commit to speed workouts with the Forerunners Running Clinic. Been to a couple sessions so far and so far so good. I managed to survive the Fartlek style workout last week !

I plan to repeat 2013 in some ways. I want to try and break an hour at the Sun Run. It’s a massive event..but in some ways that adds a lot of pressure. The Sun Run is also a good training run before BMO since I’ll be tapering anyway. (Or pretty close to it)

So I’ve got that plus the Modo8k a race I ran last year and would love to beat my time. If I can do that in under 50 minutes that’d be amazing.

I’m trying very hard this year to do less races and focus more on quality events.

Rock and Roll Vancouver I will definitely run the half I’m just debating the 10k as well the day before. A new challenge plus extra bling. And of course since I was away I will be running the Turkey Trot again. I would like a 3rd half this year. I’m hoping the Blerch race is happening again. If not I can find another smaller local event but I’d like to make RnR my last half of this year. I’m even looking at the 10k for Run for Water as a fun way to change things up.

I’m having some challenges. Part of it is finding that routine. But I’ve been gyming twice a week using the app Stronglifts and am really enjoying the structure it’s giving me!

Long runs are coming. Gotta start upping my mileage!

Stay tuned as always!



The Final Stretch

An update on how things have been since June. (Fun fact I was at Jamboree for July!)

  • I’ve lost 2 more pounds
  • I haven’t measured inches yet but my clothes are telling me good things!
  • Packed lunches and my nalgene are my new best friend
  • I fell off track with my 100 day challenge but am determined to try and remain active leading up to the wedding

I am hoping in the next 28 days I can prove myself that I can stay on track when motivated. It’s so easy to cave. The bachlorette is coming up and there is always temptation. But it’s about making the right choices

With that I need to redirect my focus back to running.

I recently ran the Squamish Loggers Days 10k. It was a good run. Minus the blister . I ran with Emilie and even managed to convince Jeremy (or Mr Tall #teammrtall ) to run it.

2015-08-02 10.15.37

I completed the race in 1 hour 16 minutes. Compared to the West Van 10k I’m 2 minutes slower. I’m a lot of talk about getting faster and I do hope that I can push through that mental block.

2015-08-07 15.39.34

I’ve managed to get over it when it comes to my aversions to the gym. I need to really (and I do mean REALLY) embrace speed training and fighting past the doubt.

I have a 5k on the Horizon but otherwise I’m not running any more races till 2016. With that I hope to run 3 more half marathons next year. Not sure which ones yet but I really plan to sit down and figure out proper training and making sure i stick to it compared to last year.

This #buffbridesmaid isn’t done yet. Progress is progress. I will remain focused. I will not give up.


Also I will blog more before the wedding! I can’t wait to see how the dresses turn out! 🙂


The First 10 Days

I thought I’d write a short little update on how the first 10 days have gone. First off I’m so happy that I’ve managed to actually stay committed to this goal. Shout out to the lovely Cassandra Tracy who has been texting me and we’ve been checking in on each other.

See that? I can squat that on my back! Booyah!
See that? I can squat that on my back! Booyah!

Even though I only ran once last week and same with the gym. I did some at home workouts and even went for walks whilst on lunch at work. The sunshine is good for me despite my fair skin!

Can't believe I can now lift this weight too!
Can’t believe I can now lift this weight too!

So how are my goals?

  • Lunch packing goes well! and my water bottle has definitely been following me everywhere. or even my plastic cup
  • I have signed up for the Squamish 10k . Have even convinced Emilie to run it with me! (Now to convince Jeremy…!)
  • When I haven’t been at the gym, it’s been kettlebell workouts at home! Or dvd workouts! Every step and movement counts .

I’m feeling great internet. My depression is usually worse in the summer and it’s been a little rough but I think this 100 day challenge is definitely helping me keep it under control

Gym selfies. Not my best but I felt great after this workout!
Gym selfies. Not my best but I felt great after this workout!

I’m hoping for some more gym sessions before my next check in. I need to start speed training if I want to beat my 10k time from March ! I’m reading more about weight lifting on ways I can push myself even more. I’m thinking more squats, more weight, and different circuits.

Today is day 11 and I went to the gym first thing this morning. It was early I was tired from the weekend of work and celebrations (not sure if you heard but I kinda did this graduation thing from University!) But I still went. And even though the workout wasn’t amazing it was still better to have gone , then to have skipped . In fact I wanted to write this post yesterday but celebrations yesterday didn’t allow me time to sit down and write . But either way I haven’t wavered on this goal.

I am shutting the blerch down more then ever. I’m hoping for 2 more gym sessions this week and a couple runs as well. They have to be either really early morning or late evening however. Vancouver is experiencing unusual high heat and it makes running a touch challenging.

But no excuses. I’m hoping to take a photo this month and show some more progress! I will get under 170.



I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again !

My measurements for starters. I took these on January 16th 2015

Weight :178

Hips: 42 inches

Waist: 34.5

Bust : 36

Accountability is important here.
Accountability is important here.

I want to start off by saying I don’t like my body right now. My body can do amazing things but a break up combined with Christmas and laziness has lead to weight gain. I have lost an inch and couple pounds since but I got off track in February. And you know what? It happens! The difference now is I’m going to shut up that blerch. The blerch keeps telling me that I will fail and I will never achieve my fitness goals.  When I know that’s not true. I can still remember the summer of 2012 when I could barely run for 5 minutes and since then I’ve run 7 halfs. If I set my mind to it, I will accomplish it.

I'm not good at gym selfies..maybe as my buff bridesmaid goal goes along I'll get better?
I’m not good at gym selfies..maybe as my buff bridesmaid goal goes along I’ll get better?

I graduated highschool 5 years ago (OH MAN!) and it’s funny when I look at photos and I see that I’m “smaller” . My chest was bigger but I probably weighed around 155 pounds. I wore size 8 dress to my grad. But really I was in awful shape then . Gym class felt like such a chore.

So what now? Stay focused. Don’t get discouraged and take it one day at a time. I can’t change everything at once .

With that my focus on running shifted. I’m finding it hard to run races as I’m finding it harder to get my distance up. So the half marathons at this point are on hold. There’s always next year. I hate saying that but I don’t want to sign up for more events without having the plan to properly train for them.

The theme right now is Less and More. In my life.

Here’s how I’m figuring things out

March Goals

– Gym at least 6 times (this works out to twice a week)

– Minimize till #mk15 (I’m lactose intolerant , and since Lent started I’ve caved once! So I can do this..I can curb my addiction to cream cheese)

– Run when I can, and most important enjoy the run (Running feels like a chore as of lately and it breaks my heart! Time to refocus and fix that)

– Keep tracking on MFP , Fitocracy and use the #buffbridesmaid photos to keep focused! (I’m hopefully going to make a motivation board in my room I have a little thing on my wall but..right now it needs to bigger I think!)

The West Van 10k went pretty well! I was a minute away from beating my time last year and with that I am now even more focused on beating it again. I’m looking at some 10ks this summer in which I could accomplish that.

The beautiful Brittany who pushed me to the very end!
The beautiful Brittany who pushed me to the very end!

This is not going to be easy. But I am so determined internet .

This year my journal says “You will go far” although I plan to with travel I know I will get ahead with goals and crush them !

180 days till Nicholle and Cam’s big day (Holy crap where is time going?)

And 26 days till #mk15. In which I have every intention in wearing a particularly sexy dress that if I lose a couple inches will look just perfect . So let’s crush March shall we?

Wish me luck as always internet!







Beating the Blerch!

It seems with all of school and work I neglected to post but fear not here is my review of the Inagural Beat the Blerch but first training runs!

Sunday is known as the long run day and I usually stick with road but this past sunday CJ and I took to Norvan falls


North Vancouver trails are amazing!
North Vancouver trails are amazing!

2014-09-07 10.34.31

I rather enjoyed pushing myself to go longer distances on the trails . No sure why I have the fear of it since I’ve done the half marathon distance 4 times now..but something about elevation on trails seems rather daunting. This run was technical but I enjoyed the challenge and eventually got comfortable

But I ran, it was cool starting off and returning it was rather warm. We ran/hiked/walked chatted. It was lovely. We talked about our goals , how we were feeling and general girly gossip.

With this recent trail run I’ve committed to some goals.

1- I will run at least 3 trail races next year, one course being Enduro

2- I will train for the Squamish 23

These seem lofty but I had this desire of being 23 and running the Squamish 23…yes much like my original half marathon goal I aspire for a champagne race!

My original plan with Beat the Blerch was to drive down with a friend and her husband unfortunately they had to miss the race to a conflict with crossfit. So with a transfer of names with hotel rooms I made the drive down with my mum that saturday. We spent the afternoon shopping and it was a gorgeous drive. I’ve never actually been this far down driving!

We checked into the hotel had dinner there to save ourselves some walking and then lounged the rest of the evening.

I woke up early sunday morning almost on autopilot as I am so used to running such early races…yet this half marathon started at 930!

That being said the hotel included complimentary breakfast and I didn’t want to miss out on that. So in most of my running gear I went downstairs and got some food

I was quite pleased with the breakfast ! It saved time looking for somewhere first thing on a sunday morning and wasn’t totally gross!

Thereafter , we checked out , got some step by step directions printed out for us and then drove to the race! That drive was lovely but a touch foggy which was interesting as the sun was starting to come out!

As we approached the race , we noticed an increase and traffic and I wasn’t totally loving the lack of people directing parking…as well we ended up driving farther down to park because no one communicated that onsite race parking was still available.

We parked then walked to the race. I had picked my bib up prior but they didn’t have a shirt for me! I would later exchange my the L women’s….was so not an L.

I get a photo with the Oatmeal. An actual nice one. and I bought his book too!

My face is not an accurate display of how excited I was!
My face is not an accurate display of how excited I was!

The race begins! I start off strong! The blerches chased me! I had a cake (which I shouldn’t have and I think made me slower then I already am..but you only race…once? Nah doesn’t work!)

2014-09-21 12.06.46 2014-09-21 12.10.58

I was impressed by the course. It was so beautiful and I loved how well prepared they were. I even saw the Oatmeal run past me in a fat suit….impressive!

Minus the parking and shirt mixup. The race was well run! I got chased by blerches, got cake and my photos turned out well and didn’t cost me a thing! So I will definitely be running this race again next year. In fact I may just drive down the day of and make a day trip of the race instead of an overnight. Considering how late a start it is!

blerch1 blerch2 blerch3

I even purchased a water bottle and socks which I plan on rocking when I had blerchy days running!

Coming up next Melissa’s Road Race & Half Fanatic Status!



Training Update

Internet. I am so pleased to report that I’ve made progress.

Where to begin?

2014-07-11 14.31.54

Well this past weekend I completed The Dirty Dash. a 5k obstacle course mud race in langley. It also happened to be one of the hottest days of the year so far…so the mud was not only sunscreen it was also refreshing. During the race I found this familiar thought running through my head.

“You should be so proud right now!”

Because as of late I haven’t felt that way but I think something finally clicked once I saw on my countdown that I’m currently at the one month mark until Concrete Hero. The Dirty Dash actually showed me that my cardio is strong and I can climb some obstacles but I still need some work! Hello pushups and more weight lifting.

Back to the Dirty Dash, I definitely wouldn’t have done had it not been for Dallas selling her registration to me (Thank you again!) But it was a great experience none the less. Despite the heat I finished the course in under an hour and half and plan to purchase photos later!

I also enjoyed the tshirt hoodie and neat phone carrying case I purchased. Also my fitbit held up! So expect a product review on that later this week !

I hiked the Chief Sunday. The last time I did that was highschool. Although i struggled with the elevation change I pushed through and managed to climb up and down in under 4 hours. I’m determined to get to the 3rd peak before the summer is over. Hopefully post concrete hero I will be able to achieve that.

2014-07-13 11.57.542014-07-13 11.12.052014-07-13 11.57.50

I’m somewhat on track for my Beat the Blerch training I’ve got a long run to make up this week but the cross training has been paying off.

I’m seriously loving jumping class. CJ found the place at Social shopper in which you get 10 classes for a certain price . It’s an hour of jumping on an individual trampoline and holding your core whilst performing certain moves!

Action shot!
Action shot!

I’ve actually been going to the gym . I’m proud to say. It’s slowly getting easier to walk in there and not feel as awkward as before! My gym aversion is silly considering how strange I can look whilst running.

Only 30 days left….but I’m feeling confident!

What’s next? I’m on the fence about signing up for another trail race . Cypress is coming up and I’d love to get some trail swag and to get off the road more. As well 5peaks has added a 6th race which would be a nice taper before my back to back half marathons!

I’m looking forward to the rain this weekend and things cooling off. I do not thrive in the heat that’s for sure..but alas the sunshine is nice and vitamin D is important!

I’ve done two runs this week. One was horrible and one was wonderful. Looking forward to 10k for the next few Sundays.

I’m not seeing the dramatic weight loss I want but I know with dedication it’ll happen!