Change of plans

A very short post but that’s ok! So first off I’d like to congratulate Kayla and Mikey on taking this next step into the world. You’ve been together 4 years as of yesterday and now you’re married! So stoked for you guys Kayla and Mikey got married yesterday in the comfort of their new west […]

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The Next Adventure

So a thing happened…and with that I have some updates to share! I won a trip! Turns out I made enough sales through a contest at work that I have the pleasure of representing Forerunners in the Race to Kinvara.  I plan to if I have time and wifi to share the trip through here. […]

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September 5th 2015

I’d like to start off this post to congratulate Nicholle and Cameron on such a beautiful wedding and for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment in the new chapter of there lives together. Had it not been for them, I wouldn’t have been able to have such fun losing weight! […]

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The Final Stretch

An update on how things have been since June. (Fun fact I was at Jamboree for July!) I’ve lost 2 more pounds I haven’t measured inches yet but my clothes are telling me good things! Packed lunches and my nalgene are my new best friend I fell off track with my 100 day challenge but […]

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The First 10 Days

I thought I’d write a short little update on how the first 10 days have gone. First off I’m so happy that I’ve managed to actually stay committed to this goal. Shout out to the lovely Cassandra Tracy who has been texting me and we’ve been checking in on each other. Even though I only […]

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99 Days To Go!

Last year I made an attempt at a 100 day challenge. I am now using my buff bridesmaid goals to restart this challenge. The goal? 30 minutes a day of physical activity Running ,walking, cycling anything that gets me moving. As far as progress goes I am very close to getting under 170 pounds. (It’s […]

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