Up & Running (A quick update)

I haven’t done much running. Last year due to a blood clot I had to back out of the West van 10k. Fortunately being familiar with race organiser I asked if I could defer my registration by 1 year given my situation. It was then decided that since Serena’s birthday was on the day of […]

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2018 : The Year of Less

Less? What do you mean? Well let me tell you. A lot has changed since I last wrote and a lot hasn’t! The big one is I moved out from parents. (Yay millenial challenges..) and now live with Mr Tall. With moving I came to the realisation of much stuff I had acquired in my […]

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20 days down, 10 to go

In 2013 I embarked on a run streak of 3km everyday for 30 days. I have since tried many a time to repeat this feat only to drop after about a week. The closest I’ve come is 20 days in a row…. This year Capra a local running store in Squamish offerred the Capra 30/30 […]

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World Mental Health Day

I have shared on here that running has saved my life. It really has. Running my first half marathon was an action that eventually lead to me heading to Therapy before my 21st birthday.  I was running 4 days a week in school had a boyfriend and still found that I couldn’t go more then […]

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