Up & Running (A quick update)

I haven’t done much running. Last year due to a blood clot I had to back out of the West van 10k. Fortunately being familiar with race organiser I asked if I could defer my registration by 1 year given my situation. It was then decided that since Serena’s birthday was on the day of […]

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The Race to Kinvara

And so begins my recollection of my adventure in Ireland. I kept meaning to post this sooner but I kept having thoughts of OOO I forgot that…so here is my summary!   I packed the night before   and was given a lift to the airport by my gracious parents. (love you Boo Mum and […]

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Defining Success

This is going to be a reflective post so please bare with me. We are currently 5 months into 2016 and although this is a running blog this blog is also a platform for me to share my voice. Be it in the running world or otherwise. So please allow me to ramble about some […]

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The Final Stretch

An update on how things have been since June. (Fun fact I was at Jamboree for July!) I’ve lost 2 more pounds I haven’t measured inches yet but my clothes are telling me good things! Packed lunches and my nalgene are my new best friend I fell off track with my 100 day challenge but […]

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The Next Phase

Since beginning my #buffbridesmaid goals back in January I’ve broken it down into stages January – April was embracing the gym and exercise again May- July is going to be diet August leading up the wedding will be sticking to a rigid schedule I’ve gone to the gym more in the past few months then […]

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275 Days

It’s a strange title but stick with me . Somewhere between Rock & Roll and now I stopped running. I kept coming up with excuses and found myself unmotivated. In fact I had a run streak going in November until I managed to catch a cold. I don’t sick often internet but when I do..I […]

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