Beating the Blerch!

It seems with all of school and work I neglected to post but fear not here is my review of the Inagural Beat the Blerch but first training runs! Sunday is known as the long run day and I usually stick with road but this past sunday CJ and I took to Norvan falls   […]

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The Grind & Cypress 5 Peaks

12 days. That’s how many days I have left before Concrete Hero. I’m so excited now and am feeling confident and ready! The last few weeks have been consistent running and fitness . As well as no dairy for 2 weeks! Lactose intolerance is truly a lame allergy but it’s one I have and I […]

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Making a Concrete Hero

So a bit of an update! I’ve been a little quiet on here since well to be honest I’m embarrassed! But then again I have just spent the past 7 weeks completing Magazine Publishing so I haven’t really been lazy So I guess it all balances out.That being said I’m still struggling with parts of […]

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Taking to the Trails

On Saturday May 10th I woke up at 6am thinking Oh god what have I done? This isn’t going to go well I’m going to fall and be slow and it’s going to be horrible These thoughts continued to run through my head as I ate my Special K but I told myself that I’ve […]

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Ladies of The Trails

It’s not just a neat name. It’s a running group. If I recall correctly it was created last summer to allow running women of all ages and experience to come out and run trails. It’s sponsored by 5peaks and is run by Solana Klassen (frequently seen on the web as #beastcoach) I thoroughly enjoy reading […]

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