30 days done….so now what?

I am happy to report that I was successful is completing Capra’s 30/30 but let me tell you this past week of runs have not been easy…

2 days at work I had events at lunch that ultimately forced me to run in the evening which was tough given I was enjoying the breaking up of my day with fitness. But I’m happy to report I completed 30 days of running.

I then committed to another challenge..but unfortunately yesterday I didn’t run. I’m gearing up to move out this week and I’m finding this alongside work and everything else daunting…so my running slipped on Sunday and after 32 days of running I woke up ..and didn’t do that. I purged my make up , threw out a bunch of papers that need to be shredded and began wondering where this year has gone..since I still really can’t believe it’s December already.

Even today I didn’t pack my gym stuff, I took time with my make up and just thought about the week ahead and could feel the anxiety of it all crawling up my back and sitting on my shoulder.

But that’s the challenge isn’t it? Running ultimately let’s me clear my head but my anxiety likes to talk me out of it.

“you don’t have time”

“what’s the point? you don’t look any different anyway…”

“you won’t feel better afterwards..you’ll just feel sweaty and ugly” 

I’ve written here about the Blerch and my blerch being my anxiety. I am determined to try and hit a km goal by the end of December and I’m confident with the focus of 30 minutes everyday..I can achieve that. I have to keep trying. It’s all we can do!

I’m also hoping to return to the squat rack..I miss lifting weights and I basically stopped after my PT sessions ended. I’m not in a position at the moment to purchase any more but I have the tools and tricks ingrained in me..i just need to reaffirm the discipline of going.

Fitness is a journey and there are days where I truly feel like it’s a part of my identity…and others where my anxiety tells me I’m a fraud and I will forever be that girl in high school gym who could barely run laps around the track.

Most of all however…I’m excited to share that I’m moving in with Mr Tall. Mr Tall and I run together when we can and we both are anxious to start being a super fit couple (ie gym together and run together when schedules allow) He as also assured me that he will take on the task of meal prepping as I cannot cook to save my life (My cooking is limited to breakfast, smoothies, salads, and sammiches..and for now I’m okay with that)

I think being fit with the person you date is important. It’s a hobby you can do together and it’s a great way to push each other too! It’s not for everyone but running with Jeremy (Mr Tall) has been a great discovery together over these past 3 years.



An Arctic Adventure (But first I need your help!)

Hi there,

I promise to share a running post soon..but now for something completely different!

I already wrote this on facebook but I’m writing it here too. I love the cold as in I love winter camping. I even traveled to the arctic circle simply because of snow , bucket list dreams and getting as far north as possible.

So when I saw this contest..I told myself I needed to try and win! It’s pretty simple. You have to vote for me between now and December 14th. I can’t really tell how many are in the North America Region but not a lot…the current winner in that region is around 335 votes..and I have more then 1500 Facebook friends..( I think I got a pretty good shot…just saying)

The contest talks about videos but I’m not savvy that way..but I’m great with words!

Dog-sledding is another life dream of mine (bucket list doesn’t seem to be as relevant any more) in fact one my favourite childhood movies is Balto which is based off the events in rural Alaska that lead to the creation of the Iditarod ! So really it feels like this contest was made for me.

Basically I can win one of two ways.

  1. By getting the most votes by December 14th
  2. If i don’t get enough a jury will decide the first way seems easier.. 

The contest doesn’t specify if  you can vote everyday and I already voted for myself. But I’m relying on my social network and the power of sharing posts to help me. I’ve got 28 days. I will remind you let’s make em count. The worst is that I don’t win..and hey you don’t know unless you try!

I’m asking for your help friends. Please vote share this post and help me try and win this ridiculous prize. The link is below :

Official voting page for Melissa!  


Thanks in advance friends. I owe you one!



It’s not muscle pain

On February 17th I was out with Jeremy (or Mr Tall since the internet prefers this handle nowadays) and my leg had been hurting. I had been to the gym two days before so naturally I thought it was a cramp of some sort. It was right in my calf. When I first began running longer distances I would cramp up after 12k . I stretched and stayed off it.

By Tuesday the 21st it still wasn’t any better but I went and saw Hailee and we did a lot of stretching and rolling out and it finally felt a bit better. I wasn’t thrilled with how sore I had been feeling but it was starting to subside so it must be muscle pain.

Thursday…my leg had swelled up. I cancelled my gym session made earlier dinner plans and went home as fast as I could so ice my leg . I had quite the cankle going on. I must say.

By Friday morning the 24th I could barely move my leg let alone walk normally. My current temp job does involve a lot of sitting..but I couldn’t cross my legs. I emailed my mum and said “You need to take me to the clinic I’m really uncomfortable and I don’t think I’ll be able to work tomorrow at this rate” My other job as you know is running retail which involves a lot of standing. I couldn’t even put my foot down as it began to pull in the back and hurt.

My mum picked me up …by the 3rd clinic I finally saw a doctor I explained my symptoms and he proceeded to take my blood pressure and examine my leg

“Are you on the birth control pill?” He asked in a rather condescending tone.

“Yes…I am what does that have to do with anything?”

“You probably have a blood clot. You need to go to emergency and get an ultra sound to be sure”

My jaw dropped. A blood clot? No way. But I fit the bill. Pain lasting for more then 5 days..in my calf and severe swelling. I got the note from the clinic doctor , went home to use the washroom and drop off my work stuff and proceeded to Burnaby general.

I was there for about 2 and a half hours. I checked into emergency and was sent to an area called Supertrac. I firmly believe that going to the clinic first was the best idea since it allowed me to by pass a few things. Especially since my note says “ultrasound”

The nurse did a similar routine and had me try and bend my leg to which I winced as I tried to. Asked me questions if I smoke, any recent travel etc. They took my weight, did some blood work and gave me a blood thinner before sending me home. Which by the way was injected into my stomach and I did not appreciate.

By the time I got home it was about 9:30 I had a late dinner and proceeded to go right to bed. I was so sore and uncomfortable I was tearing up. I had the magic bag on my leg my dad’s bolster to elevate it and was even sleeping in my sisters room so I could avoid the stairs (I sleep in the downstairs of our house) but unfortunately there wasn’t much I could do for the pain.

The doctor I saw at the hospital said they had scheduled me for an ultrasound and were also confident it was a clot but needed the ultrasound to confirm and where it was exactly in my leg. They said they would call me around 9am. They called me at 7:30am…

I checked in at 12:30pm and proceeded to walk down to imaging. My technician was very nice and we had a lovely chat about the tattoo on my ankle. Ultrasounds aren’t that bad..but I did feel odd still wearing my shirt as she ran the wand up and down my bare leg.

“Yep it’s a clot we’re going to have you talk to another doctor about medication”

I met the lovely Dr Hertz and we proceeded to chat about blood thinners and the risks that come with taking them. I was told them to immediately stop taking the birth control pill. No one can say for sure that was the root cause but I don’t smoke and that’s usually the next one they focus on. So this means no blood donations and my birthday tattoo plans are on hold ….well boo.

I came home and then spent the weekend with my feet up trying to find ways to distract myself from the discomfort I was feeling.

. It’s been a month now and my leg is finally calmed down and I’ve been back at the gym for a few weeks now. My 100 days has obviously been derailed and I unfortunately had to back out of my first race ever because a week out I couldn’t guarantee that I’d be able to walk normally let alone run. I even worked a shorter Saturday shift just to avoid standing after a week of taking blood thinners.

So what now? I’m not sure. I’ve made progress since this lovely hospital adventure in that I’m down inches. I need to sit and think and look at my goals reassess and figure out a plan. The cogs in my head are turning as yet again try and find ways to stay motivated. Needless to say my depression has been looming over me as I job hunt AGAIN.

But I’m writing this to share the fact that sometimes your body is trying to tell you something and you may think it’s okay to ignore it, when in fact that’s the last thing you should be doing. Blood clots in particular can get quite scary if left untreated and I shudder to think what could have happened had I not gone in when I did.

Fingers crossed I can stop taking this medication in May!




Day 15/100

Today I worked again so I managed to work a longer yoga session before driving into work.

This was a great benefit since being a New Driver I’m experiencing a bit of anxiety still but the meditation and relaxation of yoga allows me to clear my head and enter the car a lot more calmly!

The healthy habit of water was accomplished today and although my stomach was still bothering me. Jeremy and I managed to have a semi healthy dinner while watching Netflix.

I’m hoping my stomach and nerves settle soon since it’s getting to be a bit of nuisance.


Day 11/100

Today was a yoga day. I was feeling rather tight from the gym and rather fraught with nerves . I decided an hour of yoga with meditation was the best course of action. I’m hoping after a consistent month of this I can start working on my flexibility more! Maybe even go so far as to attempt some crazy poses..

Turns out it was exactly what I needed as my nerves were slightly calmer and I managed to successfully pass my driving test. (I plan to write more about this another time..but it’s a LONG story so I’ll save that for another time)

I’m liking my routine so far. I obviously need to work in more running but I’m enjoy my varied intensity when it comes to working out. And I can tell you now my mood is way better. I’m hoping with a bit more time my sleep will start improving too. I find myself being rather wound lately as I go to sleep. That’s usually after reading too…

Healthy Habit 1

Managed to slip up at dinner with Jeremy and ordered an ice tea. But otherwise I managed to drink water all day!

Healthy Habit 2

Success! We saw a movie that started at 7 and I didn’t eat anything once the movie began . Let’s see if I can keep the streak going


Day 9/100 (Food Transformation)


It’s hard. No doubt but I am so focused on being honest here about my food struggles ..so here we go.

Yesterday I not only eat terribly I didn’t eat enough. I don’t have a reason. But despite my yoga session (by the app is called Down Dog if you’re interested !) I know deep down no amount of exercise is going to make a difference.

I’m not about to share a bunch of memes about abs in the kitchen, but a BIG chunk of mental health management is about food.

So 100 days…that’s about 14 weeks (I had to google and count don’t judge me!) So I figure 15 habits that help me eat better over that time? 1 a week basically. Totally reasonable

This week it’ll be too since i started today. Monday is always a better day for me to focus. #motivationalmonday

So this weeks habits are

1- Water. No carbonation whatsoever 

2- No food/snacks after 8pm

So why these first? I’ll tell you!

Water is about hydration. I don’t like headaches and most often when you think you might be hungry ..it might actually be thirsty. But my focus is being well hydrated as I workout and sweat. Don’t forget the electrolytes of course. Not to mention I don’t need pop. Even when I drink I go for a Gin and Tonic which is bubbly and even then it’s like …meh. So starting this week. It’s water and tea. I have lots of tea. It’s wonderful


The food snack habit is just to avoid late night eating. Not to mention it’s to help me focus on getting a good nights rest. Crucial to exercise mental health and overall well being.

So I plan to now add this into my daily posts

  • -how much water did I have?
  • did I managed to avoid snacking?

As I continue to expand I’ll share other habits

Got an idea for a healthy food habit? Please share! I’m always open to ideas besides of what I come across pinterest


Change of plans

A very short post but that’s ok!

So first off I’d like to congratulate Kayla and Mikey on taking this next step into the world. You’ve been together 4 years as of yesterday and now you’re married! So stoked for you guys

Kayla and Mikey got married yesterday in the comfort of their new west apartment surrounded by family and a couple close friends. Luckily they live streamed it on facebook! Man isn’t the future awesome?

So with that the #Buffbridesmaid project is on hold…(I know a lot of women I’m sure I’ll be asked again)

With that I plan to put more focus on my weight lifting goals and running goals.

Stay tuned for a more in depth update!



Back to Basics

Not long after #buffbridesmaid goals wrapped up. I let my fitness slide. I then went backpacking through the UK for two months!

In some ways I was a little disappointed in myself and letting my running take the back-seat . But the trip allowed to reflect on a lot of aspects of my life including fitness and health.

I’ve been home a few days now and have been writing down dates of races, looking at training plans and trying to get myself sorted.

I need to start over. For a couple years I keep saying I’ll run faster and then start training as such and then it just stops. It won’t happen overnight and I need to just keep pushing myself.

When I first started running in 2012 I could barely run 5 minutes without coughing. I need to go back to that point and build up. Instead of trying to run faster all in one go. Much like training for a marathon or 10k you need to build up to it.

Things are different now. I’m out of school. I currently only work part time and so I should take advantage of the extra time I have before things change!

So before I run a half marathon faster, I need to work on my shorter distances . Much like my bridesmaid goals I want a clever tag to keep my going and check in points. My hope is to stagger some races with one of my big end goals being the BMO half. That was my first half marathon in 2013 it was slow hot but I finished. I am more determined then ever to run it faster..if only by a few minutes!

I’m looking forward to this reboot of my running. Especially what comes of it!




Beating the Blerch!

It seems with all of school and work I neglected to post but fear not here is my review of the Inagural Beat the Blerch but first training runs!

Sunday is known as the long run day and I usually stick with road but this past sunday CJ and I took to Norvan falls


North Vancouver trails are amazing!
North Vancouver trails are amazing!

2014-09-07 10.34.31

I rather enjoyed pushing myself to go longer distances on the trails . No sure why I have the fear of it since I’ve done the half marathon distance 4 times now..but something about elevation on trails seems rather daunting. This run was technical but I enjoyed the challenge and eventually got comfortable

But I ran, it was cool starting off and returning it was rather warm. We ran/hiked/walked chatted. It was lovely. We talked about our goals , how we were feeling and general girly gossip.

With this recent trail run I’ve committed to some goals.

1- I will run at least 3 trail races next year, one course being Enduro

2- I will train for the Squamish 23

These seem lofty but I had this desire of being 23 and running the Squamish 23…yes much like my original half marathon goal I aspire for a champagne race!

My original plan with Beat the Blerch was to drive down with a friend and her husband unfortunately they had to miss the race to a conflict with crossfit. So with a transfer of names with hotel rooms I made the drive down with my mum that saturday. We spent the afternoon shopping and it was a gorgeous drive. I’ve never actually been this far down driving!

We checked into the hotel had dinner there to save ourselves some walking and then lounged the rest of the evening.

I woke up early sunday morning almost on autopilot as I am so used to running such early races…yet this half marathon started at 930!

That being said the hotel included complimentary breakfast and I didn’t want to miss out on that. So in most of my running gear I went downstairs and got some food

I was quite pleased with the breakfast ! It saved time looking for somewhere first thing on a sunday morning and wasn’t totally gross!

Thereafter , we checked out , got some step by step directions printed out for us and then drove to the race! That drive was lovely but a touch foggy which was interesting as the sun was starting to come out!

As we approached the race , we noticed an increase and traffic and I wasn’t totally loving the lack of people directing parking…as well we ended up driving farther down to park because no one communicated that onsite race parking was still available.

We parked then walked to the race. I had picked my bib up prior but they didn’t have a shirt for me! I would later exchange my size..as the L women’s….was so not an L.

I get a photo with the Oatmeal. An actual nice one. and I bought his book too!

My face is not an accurate display of how excited I was!
My face is not an accurate display of how excited I was!

The race begins! I start off strong! The blerches chased me! I had a cake (which I shouldn’t have and I think made me slower then I already am..but you only race…once? Nah doesn’t work!)

2014-09-21 12.06.46 2014-09-21 12.10.58

I was impressed by the course. It was so beautiful and I loved how well prepared they were. I even saw the Oatmeal run past me in a fat suit….impressive!

Minus the parking and shirt mixup. The race was well run! I got chased by blerches, got cake and my photos turned out well and didn’t cost me a thing! So I will definitely be running this race again next year. In fact I may just drive down the day of and make a day trip of the race instead of an overnight. Considering how late a start it is!

blerch1 blerch2 blerch3

I even purchased a water bottle and socks which I plan on rocking when I had blerchy days running!

Coming up next Melissa’s Road Race & Half Fanatic Status!