40 statements

Today is Good Friday and the end of Lent. I began participating in lent after Ivo passed away in 2012. Truth be told that the concept of Lent has always intrigued me. Giving up or abstaining from something for a certain amount of time and in that time reflecting on what that means. I have […]

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2018 : The Year of Less

Less? What do you mean? Well let me tell you. A lot has changed since I last wrote and a lot hasn’t! The big one is I moved out from parents. (Yay millenial challenges..) and now live with Mr Tall. With moving I came to the realisation of much stuff I had acquired in my […]

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30 days done….so now what?

I am happy to report that I was successful is completing Capra’s 30/30 but let me tell you this past week of runs have not been easy… 2 days at work I had events at lunch that ultimately forced me to run in the evening which was tough given I was enjoying the breaking up […]

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It’s not muscle pain

On February 17th I was out with Jeremy (or Mr Tall since the internet prefers this handle nowadays) and my leg had been hurting. I had been to the gym two days before so naturally I thought it was a cramp of some sort. It was right in my calf. When I first began running […]

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Day 15/100

Today I worked again so I managed to work a longer yoga session before driving into work. This was a great benefit since being a New Driver I’m experiencing a bit of anxiety still but the meditation and relaxation of yoga allows me to clear my head and enter the car a lot more calmly! […]

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Day 11/100

Today was a yoga day. I was feeling rather tight from the gym and rather fraught with nerves . I decided an hour of yoga with meditation was the best course of action. I’m hoping after a consistent month of this I can start working on my flexibility more! Maybe even go so far as […]

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