Day 3/100 (Weight training and how that’s going)

I made of list of things to complete in my 25th year (end goal by May 2017) but hey it’s challenge so I can do as I please. A lot of these tasks were fitness related 5k 10k , some were more trivial (watch every best picture winner movie, test for my licence, bake a cake)

One goal is be able to squat my bodyweight

At my heaviest I am over 190 pounds. Like any normal person i struggle with nutrition. With this 100 day laser focus I hope to make a serious dent in that again. I was vegetarian for 6 years and when properly motivated I can say no. It’s just hard and that’s ok. . My hope is to be able to squat at least 165 if not more. I know I’ve rambled on here before about it and will continue to do so but here’s hoping with my new passion planner I can work some meal prep (and cooking love) into my life. Anyone who knows me that I dislike cooking and go to great lengths to avoid doing it.

I began training with hailee in october. I took the plunge and bought personal training, I had some money saved there was a good promotion and I told myself if I really wanted to do this I would need to work at it. Weight lifting is awesome and I admire anyone who can do it…but with my goal I wanted proper training and to avoid injury. The training has been great since the last few months have been quite a roller coaster with work and I’m hoping to at least keep working with her till April.

Since Hailee and I started I can not only squat 125 I can dead lift more. I am so grateful for our sessions and we’ve now really committed to eating better (focusing on macros and making sure I actually drink enough water)

Today’s workout was 50 minutes long and was mostly deadlifts finishing with a circuit of running and situps. It was tough but awesome.

I picked up some Vega energiser and am feeling great about where my weight training is at. That being said my arms feel like jelly but it’s a good kind of jelly I promise


September 5th 2015

I’d like to start off this post to congratulate Nicholle and Cameron on such a beautiful wedding and for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment in the new chapter of there lives together. Had it not been for them, I wouldn’t have been able to have such fun losing weight!

2015-09-01 17.30.48


Just a few photos off my phone, looking forward to the professional photos!
Just a few photos off my phone, looking forward to the professional photos!


2015-09-05 16.13.33

Last year I made the goal to lose weight so that come the wedding day I would feel beautiful and comfortable. It was also a challenge to embrace the gym. It’s always interesting amongst my friends of who enjoys the gym and who enjoys more cardio workouts.

I currently stand at 165 pounds. A total of 13 pounds since the start of the year.

I’ve lost a total of 6 inches since I began earlier this year. Considering the ups and downs of the year so far (mostly ups of course! ) I’m happy that everything I’ve lost has stayed off !

My lovely dress!
My lovely dress!

I am happy with my progress. But I still have more I want to work on.  I recall when I first started running I wasn’t too far from the weight I was in high school. I’d love to try and get close to that again. I know with faster running and gym workouts I can get there! I’ve also got plans to do some running whilst I travel this fall. More on that another time !

The #buffbridesmaid challenge was great. And am now looking for another specific goal besides numbers. I really did like losing inches and I’d love to lose more and have some abs to show off. Or as close as I can get to it.

Especially since I’d love to get a tattoo on my side next year. Must play around wish hashtag ideas 😉 stay tuned

I’ve got my sights set on 3 half marathons next year. As well as some more 10ks and some more trail races. All of this depending on work. I’m looking forward to eventually getting a Monday to friday work life so I can run more races on Saturdays!

I’m finding myself less discouraged and more focused on making little goals and working my way up.

Until then, I’m just gonna get running and back in weight lifting . As well defining my goals 🙂

Thanks to all those who have been following along on facebook and the twitterverse your support made all the difference!



The Final Stretch

An update on how things have been since June. (Fun fact I was at Jamboree for July!)

  • I’ve lost 2 more pounds
  • I haven’t measured inches yet but my clothes are telling me good things!
  • Packed lunches and my nalgene are my new best friend
  • I fell off track with my 100 day challenge but am determined to try and remain active leading up to the wedding

I am hoping in the next 28 days I can prove myself that I can stay on track when motivated. It’s so easy to cave. The bachlorette is coming up and there is always temptation. But it’s about making the right choices

With that I need to redirect my focus back to running.

I recently ran the Squamish Loggers Days 10k. It was a good run. Minus the blister . I ran with Emilie and even managed to convince Jeremy (or Mr Tall #teammrtall ) to run it.

2015-08-02 10.15.37

I completed the race in 1 hour 16 minutes. Compared to the West Van 10k I’m 2 minutes slower. I’m a lot of talk about getting faster and I do hope that I can push through that mental block.

2015-08-07 15.39.34

I’ve managed to get over it when it comes to my aversions to the gym. I need to really (and I do mean REALLY) embrace speed training and fighting past the doubt.

I have a 5k on the Horizon but otherwise I’m not running any more races till 2016. With that I hope to run 3 more half marathons next year. Not sure which ones yet but I really plan to sit down and figure out proper training and making sure i stick to it compared to last year.

This #buffbridesmaid isn’t done yet. Progress is progress. I will remain focused. I will not give up.


Also I will blog more before the wedding! I can’t wait to see how the dresses turn out! 🙂


The First 10 Days

I thought I’d write a short little update on how the first 10 days have gone. First off I’m so happy that I’ve managed to actually stay committed to this goal. Shout out to the lovely Cassandra Tracy who has been texting me and we’ve been checking in on each other.

See that? I can squat that on my back! Booyah!
See that? I can squat that on my back! Booyah!

Even though I only ran once last week and same with the gym. I did some at home workouts and even went for walks whilst on lunch at work. The sunshine is good for me despite my fair skin!

Can't believe I can now lift this weight too!
Can’t believe I can now lift this weight too!

So how are my goals?

  • Lunch packing goes well! and my water bottle has definitely been following me everywhere. or even my plastic cup
  • I have signed up for the Squamish 10k . Have even convinced Emilie to run it with me! (Now to convince Jeremy…!)
  • When I haven’t been at the gym, it’s been kettlebell workouts at home! Or dvd workouts! Every step and movement counts .

I’m feeling great internet. My depression is usually worse in the summer and it’s been a little rough but I think this 100 day challenge is definitely helping me keep it under control

Gym selfies. Not my best but I felt great after this workout!
Gym selfies. Not my best but I felt great after this workout!

I’m hoping for some more gym sessions before my next check in. I need to start speed training if I want to beat my 10k time from March ! I’m reading more about weight lifting on ways I can push myself even more. I’m thinking more squats, more weight, and different circuits.

Today is day 11 and I went to the gym first thing this morning. It was early I was tired from the weekend of work and celebrations (not sure if you heard but I kinda did this graduation thing from University!) But I still went. And even though the workout wasn’t amazing it was still better to have gone , then to have skipped . In fact I wanted to write this post yesterday but celebrations yesterday didn’t allow me time to sit down and write . But either way I haven’t wavered on this goal.

I am shutting the blerch down more then ever. I’m hoping for 2 more gym sessions this week and a couple runs as well. They have to be either really early morning or late evening however. Vancouver is experiencing unusual high heat and it makes running a touch challenging.

But no excuses. I’m hoping to take a photo this month and show some more progress! I will get under 170.



99 Days To Go!

Last year I made an attempt at a 100 day challenge. I am now using my buff bridesmaid goals to restart this challenge.

The goal? 30 minutes a day of physical activity

Running ,walking, cycling anything that gets me moving.

2015-05-08 07.04.07

As far as progress goes I am very close to getting under 170 pounds. (It’s been a challenge but this week I’ve managed to start some healthier habits)

My first habit is water. I’m usually pretty good about this but since my birthday I’ve been kind of bad. But luckily the current Heatwave Vancouver has been experiencing has made drinking water more a necessity then anything.

With that I am trying to restrict my diet more. What do I mean by that? I don’t just mean portion control I mean regular meal planning. For the past 2 weeks I’ve only bought lunch twice. I’ve embraced leftovers and small snacks and I know it will be awhile before I notice a change but I can see my bank account thanking me already!

I’ve also focused on limiting my dairy to one thing a day. I love cheese I really do but it’s nice to limit myself. My stomach definitely appreciates it.

Progress so far since January

Pounds down : 7

Inches : 5

2015-05-08 16.48.42

Not bad. But not great. However what I am happy about is my weight lifting. 15 pounds is finally feeling too comfortable and yours truly can now squat with a weighted bar on her back! I’m hoping if my schedule allows me I’m going to try and hire a trainer to help me with some more lofty goals in regards to weight lifting as well I’d like to try some gym classes to change things up a bit .

June Goals include :

  • Meal Planning , no more buying lunch !
  • Taking my waterbottle wherever I go
  • Gym twice a week, running twice a week (So far I’ve done that 2 weeks in a row!)
  • Signing up a race and refocusing my running!

2015-05-21 14.14.14


I caught myself in the mirror today and normally I find myself shying away but I couldn’t help but notice my legs we’re particularly muscly. I sometimes feel like my body is never going to catch up but I then found myself flexing my arms and noticing slight muscles.

My body is changing. I’m getting stronger.

But most important internet . I feel amazing. I am so much happier because that is the main goal with exercise is happiness! (Endorphins make you happy!)

Probably helps that I’m only a couple days from graduation too!

Stay tuned for a 100 day challenge update next week! I mean it this time!


The Next Phase

Since beginning my #buffbridesmaid goals back in January I’ve broken it down into stages

January – April was embracing the gym and exercise again

May- July is going to be diet

August leading up the wedding will be sticking to a rigid schedule

I’ve gone to the gym more in the past few months then I did all of last year. Even on days when I don’t feel like going I still manage to go and lift weights and remind myself why I’m doing this.

With this I ran the Modo 8k.

I arrived rather early since I wasn’t able to pick up my package the day before. However it was a really smooth process so that was awesome!

I waited around, warmed up a bit, chatted with friends I saw and seeded myself. I also used gear check for the first time since I didn’t have anyone waiting for me.

2015-03-22 11.01.35

I told myself I wanted to be under an hour. I ran without music and just focused on my form and the person ahead of me.

Prior to this race I had been running more with Scott .Running with a friend definitely helps me focus on holding a better pace.  As well running with Jeremy (who by the way is a foot taller then me which forces me to run faster…even if he does shorten his stride).

It’s paid off I ran it is 58 minutes. My one complaint is the fact that the race ends on an up hill…a little mean but otherwise I love my medal. The post race food was amazing and I eventually wandered over to get picked up by my mother

My progress

Since January I’m at 172 pounds. 6 pounds down which is interesting considering I’ve only been focused on excersise. I definitely need to embrace a meal plan. To me that means eating smaller portions and more water.

2015-03-30 22.01.13 2015-03-30 22.01.41

I can comfortably lift 15 pounds. I’m hoping to hit 20 by the end of May.

If I’m being totally honest I wish I had more progress (breaking 10 pounds) but I do know that I need to keep pushing myself more and staying focused.

With that I need to refocus my love of running. I would love to run another trail race this summer, a zombie race and the Squamish 10k. I’m hoping with shorter distances (no more half marathons till 2016) I can get faster and eventually beat my half time as well as my 10k time.

What I am most proud of is my determination. Last year as soon as I got off track I’d beat myself up and just give up all together.

Next photo I take will be 20 pound weights!
Next photo I take will be 20 pound weights!

I’m only human. This is a slow process and I have to take it a day at a time.

I just need to keep repeating that as the summer goes on.

Know of any races I should check out this summer? Keep in mind I’ll have PJ in July (Yay jamboree! can’t wait to run whilst at camp!)

Either way once I get back from NYC I look forward to embracing my new free time with classes being over. As well as looking at proper nutrition


I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again !

My measurements for starters. I took these on January 16th 2015

Weight :178

Hips: 42 inches

Waist: 34.5

Bust : 36

Accountability is important here.
Accountability is important here.

I want to start off by saying I don’t like my body right now. My body can do amazing things but a break up combined with Christmas and laziness has lead to weight gain. I have lost an inch and couple pounds since but I got off track in February. And you know what? It happens! The difference now is I’m going to shut up that blerch. The blerch keeps telling me that I will fail and I will never achieve my fitness goals.  When I know that’s not true. I can still remember the summer of 2012 when I could barely run for 5 minutes and since then I’ve run 7 halfs. If I set my mind to it, I will accomplish it.

I'm not good at gym selfies..maybe as my buff bridesmaid goal goes along I'll get better?
I’m not good at gym selfies..maybe as my buff bridesmaid goal goes along I’ll get better?

I graduated highschool 5 years ago (OH MAN!) and it’s funny when I look at photos and I see that I’m “smaller” . My chest was bigger but I probably weighed around 155 pounds. I wore size 8 dress to my grad. But really I was in awful shape then . Gym class felt like such a chore.

So what now? Stay focused. Don’t get discouraged and take it one day at a time. I can’t change everything at once .

With that my focus on running shifted. I’m finding it hard to run races as I’m finding it harder to get my distance up. So the half marathons at this point are on hold. There’s always next year. I hate saying that but I don’t want to sign up for more events without having the plan to properly train for them.

The theme right now is Less and More. In my life.

Here’s how I’m figuring things out

March Goals

– Gym at least 6 times (this works out to twice a week)

– Minimize till #mk15 (I’m lactose intolerant , and since Lent started I’ve caved once! So I can do this..I can curb my addiction to cream cheese)

– Run when I can, and most important enjoy the run (Running feels like a chore as of lately and it breaks my heart! Time to refocus and fix that)

– Keep tracking on MFP , Fitocracy and use the #buffbridesmaid photos to keep focused! (I’m hopefully going to make a motivation board in my room I have a little thing on my wall but..right now it needs to bigger I think!)

The West Van 10k went pretty well! I was a minute away from beating my time last year and with that I am now even more focused on beating it again. I’m looking at some 10ks this summer in which I could accomplish that.

The beautiful Brittany who pushed me to the very end!
The beautiful Brittany who pushed me to the very end!

This is not going to be easy. But I am so determined internet .

This year my journal says “You will go far” although I plan to with travel I know I will get ahead with goals and crush them !

180 days till Nicholle and Cam’s big day (Holy crap where is time going?)

And 26 days till #mk15. In which I have every intention in wearing a particularly sexy dress that if I lose a couple inches will look just perfect . So let’s crush March shall we?

Wish me luck as always internet!







275 Days

It’s a strange title but stick with me .

Somewhere between Rock & Roll and now I stopped running. I kept coming up with excuses and found myself unmotivated. In fact I had a run streak going in November until I managed to catch a cold. I don’t sick often internet but when I do..I end up missing work (which i despise doing!)

But I’m back now. Currently in exam season so this blogging is nice reprive from that. What have I been doing? Goal setting. Re evaluating my goals and what I want from running. I keep talking track, speed and that’s not happening! So I’m making a plan. I like plans. The whole reason I completed my first half marathon in 2013 was my timeline and plan . I had date to train to. Regular days to run. And it all seemed to fall into place! I have found that since’s been a struggle.

I’ve got 275 days.

What does that mean? It’s a bit of an odd number I realize that .

This past year for me has been the rise of the #weddingpocalypse . Yes I did make that word up. I’m going to not one..but two weddings in 2015 (not to mention I’ve seen a plethora of engagements on facebook …even a couple running blogs I follow mentioned engagements!)

I’m not saying I’m old. But I’m not “young” either. I’m 22 and I definitely still feel too young to be in this “Let’s getting married and have children” phase. That being said the two weddings next year are couples in Scouting! And they are both a bit older then that does play into that!

With one wedding in particular I am a bridesmaid! Check out the invitation I recieved

She made them herself because she's so talented!
She made them herself because she’s so talented!

I’ve known Nicholle since we first met at PJ 2007….can’t believe that was almost 8 years ago. And now I get to be in her wedding party.

This leads to me to my new fitness challenge

Becoming a Buff Bridesmaid.

The idea of #buffbridesmaid came into me when looking at my gym membership. I have one that has been used a bit this year but I really have an aversion to the gym. I can run by myself no problem but something about the gym alone is a bit of a struggle. I did manage to do more body weight and gym workouts when I was in Concrete Hero mode so I know I can get over this “fear” of the gym!

I should also say that I’m all for being body positive. Since running I have learned to appreciate my body more and what it can do. But I would love to improve certain things and feel more comfortable in my own skin.

So being a buff bridesmaid means. Running and lifting weights and just working on my whole body.

With this in mind I hope to see a steady improvement in running. I’m officially in training mode for running now.

In fact I’ve already signed up for my first may have seen these images floating around the twitterverse!

Kinda love my pony tail in this!
Kinda love my pony tail in this!
Shout out to Kirill for sharing these shots with me!
Shout out to Kirill for sharing these shots with me!

I am proud to pronounce that I’m part of the Running Blog team for the annual West Van Run 5k/10k ! Also a huge thank you to Jennifer Strang . I don’t usually enjoy having my photo taken but you made it a very enjoyable experience!

I had such a fun time running that race in the snow that I was happy to jump at the opportunity to promote and support the event! Plus March is nice time of year to run. Even if it did snow on the course this year! The theme is We are Canucks so I’m hoping to try and coordinate a themed outfit!

Stay tuned for future blog posts on training for that as I am determined to PR again on that course!

I’m hoping after breaking the hour mark on my 10k I can finally tackle improving my half marathon time. I want to run 3 more half marathons before pushing the distance further. I also hope with this I will reward myself with a running tattoo!

I’m struggling with motivation internet I won’t lie..but I know that I can get back into a running groove. Especially once finals are over! Until then I’m working on getting over my gym fears!


Training Update

Internet. I am so pleased to report that I’ve made progress.

Where to begin?

2014-07-11 14.31.54

Well this past weekend I completed The Dirty Dash. a 5k obstacle course mud race in langley. It also happened to be one of the hottest days of the year so far…so the mud was not only sunscreen it was also refreshing. During the race I found this familiar thought running through my head.

“You should be so proud right now!”

Because as of late I haven’t felt that way but I think something finally clicked once I saw on my countdown that I’m currently at the one month mark until Concrete Hero. The Dirty Dash actually showed me that my cardio is strong and I can climb some obstacles but I still need some work! Hello pushups and more weight lifting.

Back to the Dirty Dash, I definitely wouldn’t have done had it not been for Dallas selling her registration to me (Thank you again!) But it was a great experience none the less. Despite the heat I finished the course in under an hour and half and plan to purchase photos later!

I also enjoyed the tshirt hoodie and neat phone carrying case I purchased. Also my fitbit held up! So expect a product review on that later this week !

I hiked the Chief Sunday. The last time I did that was highschool. Although i struggled with the elevation change I pushed through and managed to climb up and down in under 4 hours. I’m determined to get to the 3rd peak before the summer is over. Hopefully post concrete hero I will be able to achieve that.

2014-07-13 11.57.542014-07-13 11.12.052014-07-13 11.57.50

I’m somewhat on track for my Beat the Blerch training I’ve got a long run to make up this week but the cross training has been paying off.

I’m seriously loving jumping class. CJ found the place at Social shopper in which you get 10 classes for a certain price . It’s an hour of jumping on an individual trampoline and holding your core whilst performing certain moves!

Action shot!
Action shot!

I’ve actually been going to the gym . I’m proud to say. It’s slowly getting easier to walk in there and not feel as awkward as before! My gym aversion is silly considering how strange I can look whilst running.

Only 30 days left….but I’m feeling confident!

What’s next? I’m on the fence about signing up for another trail race . Cypress is coming up and I’d love to get some trail swag and to get off the road more. As well 5peaks has added a 6th race which would be a nice taper before my back to back half marathons!

I’m looking forward to the rain this weekend and things cooling off. I do not thrive in the heat that’s for sure..but alas the sunshine is nice and vitamin D is important!

I’ve done two runs this week. One was horrible and one was wonderful. Looking forward to 10k for the next few Sundays.

I’m not seeing the dramatic weight loss I want but I know with dedication it’ll happen!